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You are made for MORE than this,
Why do you settle?
Why do cower away?
Why do you let those bastards dictate what you ‘should’ be happy with?

And where the hell did you go?
I know that you are fabulous and you know it too,
You always knew you were here for big things,
But you let ‘them’ get into your ear, You allowed yourself to hide your burning desire,
And you died a little bit each damn day.

And now?
What is left?
The hollow shell? The fake version of you?
No, it is all you, the full you, but it is covered in a layer of acceptability,
It is muted by responsibility,
It is dulled by the notion that you should be grateful,
It is thwarted by the belief that others come first, that this is the life you choose.

But guess what?
You get to choose AGAIN and again and again, you get to choose every damn day, who you will be!
Just because you are the sweet loving friend today does not mean you cannot be the fiery balls the wall CEO of your business this afternoon.
You get to choose in EACH and EVERY MOMENT.
You don’t have to pick one of the other, you can it all.

But here is the truth sister, you have to DECIDE that you are worth it, You have to DECIDE to just stop fucking pretending that you are satisfied with what you have when you and I both know you are not.

You have settled,
You have dulled your dreams,
You are ‘sensible’ now, you have responsibilities,
Dreaming big is for the younger you, the reckless you.
I say bring back that RECKLESS FEIRY GODESS and be ALL of you again.

The world needs YOU, yes you to stand up and be a leader right now.
I don’t care that you are scared.
I don’t care that you think you can’t.
I won’t listen to you me telling me it just not the right time yet.
I can’t hear your lame excuses.
But what I can hear, what I can feel, is that NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

You got this!!!!
Today DECIDE that YOU are worth it and take action, forward action into the light.