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Being Real, what does that even mean? What does being real even look like these days?

In a business world where we are continuously striving, I think it is time to point out that you darling, are enough!

Y O U are the reason that your business is as successful as it is, people come to your business, work in your business, and buy from your business, because of you! Lets explore that.

What do I mean when I say that people come because of you? What I mean, is that they are drawn to your energy, your particular slant, your vibe. It’s true.  Take a moment to consider that there are million places to eat, to get a wax, to have photos taken, to get a logo… but how do you choose whose services you will use?

Now you might not have thought about this too much in the past, because we tend to make decisions subconsciously, but I want to highlight some of the factors that many people use to make decisions so you can use this to bolster your confidence about being the real you so that you can attract more of your dream clients.  Then I promise, we will get back to BEING REAL to make your business thrive.

We make buying decisions based on the following items generally:

  1. We look for the ‘vibe of a place’ by looking at their websites, photos, social media posts – and what we are looking for is a similar ‘energy’ to ours. Is the person fun and bubbly? Is the person precise and serious? Will they build you up or bring you down?  Will they ‘get’ your needs?  Will they understand and connect with you?
    • This is why people offer free calls
    • This is why marketing people tell you to get your tribe to know, like and trust you
    • This is why you can tell within 30 seconds if you are going to like working with someone or not
  2. Then we check out if they ‘know their stuff’ – we dig in a bit to find out if they can give us what we need
    • This is why you do freebies
    • This is why you seek referrals when you are seeking to work with someone
  3. Then we decide if what they have to offer is worth the amount of money being charged – this is based on the level of our need and our desire to solve the problem
    • This is why you pay more for convenience
    • This is why you will pay $400 for  a short course but not on a dinner out (usually)

Ok, now that we have the brief marketing psychology spiel out of the way, lets get back to being real in business.

It is VITAL that you are real in business because if you are trying to be someone else, the following things are going to happen:

  • You will come across as fake
  • People will feel that your energy is ‘off’ somehow, but not understand it
  • People won’t feel like they can know, like, or trust you
  • You will attract people to your business that are not fun for you

The truth of the matter is… you are happiest when you are being you. And YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, more than good enough, you are sublime. We REALLY MUST BE OURSELVES because there is already to much ‘sameness’ in the world.

There are unique clients out there for all of us, we will never run out of customers and we can drop the whole competitive fear based business model because it is simply not reality.  We can be as quirky, and unique, and as real as we want to be, because there will always be someone out there who needs just that!

But we are so deep in the ‘fake place’ of trying to please everyone, trying to be something that we think people will want that we loose our true selves. This can be really damaging, not just to your business but to you personally. How long to you think you can survive in strive mode instead of flow mode before giving up?

And how many people around you have done just that? Given up? Or started resenting their business? Or are miserably unhappy?  Did you know that 80% of start ups fail in the first year and a further 50% of those remaining over the next five years.

I really don’t want you to be one of those stats, so what can you do to discover what your real personality and style is if you are so lost already?

Well I am pleased you asked, here are some prompts for your journaling….

“If I didn’t HAVE to pretend any more what I would really like to do in my business is…’

” I am happiest and feel most fulfilled when I am…”

“If my business was my dream business it would reflect….”

“What no one really knows about me is…”

So, come on, join the rev-o-fucking-lution and just be you. I insist on being me, because quite frankly being someone else is suffocating. I am a serious biz queen, but I am also frivolous and ridiculous, I love unicorns and numbers, I am loud and brash and I care DEEPLY for people, I have an MBA and use tarrot cards.  I can be all of these contradictions and still be me, because I don’t reject any part of me, I am all of these things (and more). And anyone who wants to pull me up, judge me, or try to make me sensible will give up in frustration, because once you are out of the godam box you cannot be folded up to fit back in the same way ever again.

Go on, I dare you. Be you!

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With unicorn sprinkles, Michelle