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You will have all noticed that some of the bigger businesses are around you are crumbling.

We need to talk about this, because ignoring what is going on and not talking about it just lets the fear build inside us.

Just because it has happened to another business, it does not mean that it will happen to you.

These are the very important things that I want you to know right now…
You won’t crumble (unless you decide to).
You are in charge.
You are small and you can pivot.

Sick of hearing about pivoting? Well tough, get past the word and think about what it means FOR YOU.
How can you alter what you are doing?
What are the opportunities you are not seeing?
How can you BEST SERVE?

That is all you really need to do – go within. But everyone seems so afraid to do that… god forbid we take note of our feelings and emotions.
Well darling, the world is asking you to sit the heck up and take notice!

Ask yourself these questions to move beyond the fear now:
What DO you feel?
What do you know to be absolutely TRUE for you?
What are you being CALLED to do?
What needs to be let go off in your business?
What needs to be let go of in your life right now?
What needs to change?
What do you need to start, stop, and keep doing?

And then finally some support for you:
What do YOU need right now?
What would your BODY like from you right now?
What is absolutely TRUE for you right now?
Is action or restoration needed right now?
Who can help you right now?

And a final, final word, there are some things that you CAN do to ensure you will thrive through this and beyond.

* Don’t listen to the news
* Visualize your success when you wake up and before you get out of bed
* Repeat “The more you let the real you shine, the better your business will succeed and align” at least 50x a day
* Talk to a professional coach – and if you are worried about money, then talk to me about that too!

Take charge of your situation.
Take charge of your emotions.
Take charge of your future.

Together We Shall Rise
With Love & Light Always,

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