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As a society we spend far too many hours beating ourselves up about the past, looking to the past for patterns, recalling past events to examine them, and make sense of them, over and over again. And what all of this time spent dwelling in the past does for us is to:

Open up old core wounds which can leave your floundering around for days

Kick start your fear so you slip into imposter syndrome and overwhelm

And ultimately leads to inaction and playing small

Now before you start jumping up and down, there are times to reflect on the past so that we may take the learnings so we do not have to repeat the lessons. But that’s it! There is no other purpose. If we were meant to spend our days living in the past we would have eyes on the other side of our face surely? Lol.

All joking aside, I know why you look to the past, you feel fearful that YOU are responsible for what happened, you feel fearful that more of the same is coming your way, you think your past success defines who you are allowed to be in the future.

I am here to tell you, that this is just not true. Your past is your past and has shaped this beautiful being that you are today. Without those lessons, without the hurt, without the changes that those events facilitated, without the new boundaries that you were able to install, without the stories that you were able to unearth as stories…. You would not be the up-leveled version of yourself that you are today.

You know that every single cell in your body is replaced every 7 years right?

And I can’t help but think this is tied to the old 7-year cycle theory, you know when you feel the need to change things on a grand scale every 7 years or so.

You are up-leveling all the time.

You might think that you can stay the same, but it is impossible.

Look around you, the people who are too fearful to change, to reinvent themselves, they become bitter, estranged from the flow of the universe and they actually go backward.

And here is the kicker sweetheart, if you are not up-leveling, not growing, not cycling through the seasons like the beautiful growing and flowering plant that you are, then you have succumbed to the mold and the rot that comes with stagnation and you are now dead. Here are some affirmations which will kickstart your bravery and up-leveling process.

I choose to bud, flower, dieback, and bud again

I choose to be vibrant and to up-level, and to change with the season and to trust that everything happens for a reason.

I choose to believe that change is always the right choice even if it does not feel like it at the time. I

I choose to acknowledge that everything happens FOR ME, not to me.

I choose to grow towards the light.

Here is to your growth darling, you got this!

And remember, together we shall rise,