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You gotta stop living day to day. If you want to survive in business, it’s time to start looking ahead.  And you gotta start looking ahead today because tomorrow never comes.

It has almost become pandemic, we are so busy dealing with what is on our plate today that we ‘think’ we don’t have time to plan for our future success.  But here is the truth…

“If you don’t plan for your future success it will not arrive”.

You might end up to doing ok, but I guarantee it won’t be anywhere as amazing as it could be.  It seems crazy that we are accepting less than amazing results when we have true success within our reach. And all we have to do is… plan.

So that’s what today’s blog is all about, planning for your success.

We know that planning is vital to success so why do we strategically ignore this information, it almost gets to a crisis point where your mind is so busy telling you that you need to do what’s right in front of you to survive that it’s become a habit.

And just like any habit, it might have served you at one point in your life, it might have been a strategy that worked for you. It might have got you to where you are now, it might be true that by focusing on one thing at a time it allowed you to take that really brave step and actually set up a business. But (here is the big but) is it still serving you? It is time to look at your habits to see if they’ve become obsolete.

Now that you actually have that business and you are actually making some money, it’s time to stop looking at what’s directly in front of you and start considering what is in the long term. Start with this easy review:

What habits do I have that are currently not serving me for this stage of business and what will I do about it?

What would I like my business to look and feel like in 5 years time?

What risks and external factors will I need to mitigate in the long term?

How do I plan to capitalize on opportunities in the long term?

What challenges can I turn into opportunities?

What trends will shape my industry?

What am I ignoring or refusing to see right now?

What do I need to start doing differently?

What do I want to achieve in the next year?

What 4 steps are involved?

What new resources or expertise do I need?

Ok, now back to the day to day of your business.  But first, let’s talk briefly about a structured system for reviewing and planning for your business so you will not only survive, but succeed in the future.


This is what I do with my clients.

  1. I start with helping them how to plan firstly their weeks in advance, but it’s got to move on from there also to the longer term.
  2. You’ve also got to then review the week
  3. Then you’ve got to review the month and plan for the next month
  4. Then you’ve got to review your quarter and plan for the next quarter
  5. Then you’ve got to plan for the year, and then for the five years ahead.                                                                                                                                                    You actually need to plan for your business to grow because otherwise it just grows in any old way, willy nilly, same with growing out your hair right? You can make strategic little cuts here and there to end up with a shape you like or you can just let it grow out of control and end up with a big mullet or a raging Afro when what you actually wanted was a cute little Pixie cut.

What the hell does a haircut have to do with business success? everything.  If you don’t plan and make little changes here and there, tweak things as you evolve, you will end up somewhere you never planned on being. Do you actually want to be the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire with all that stress or would you rather stay small but make big money without the stress?These are the things you need to consider so that you can plan accordingly.

Even though something is five years in the distance you need to be planning and taking steps towards that now. And that’s what a serious business person does, they don’t just look at what’s in front of them. They plan ahead.

These are my suggested steps for you.

  1. look at where you are now and then decide where you want to be in 20 years time
  2. break that down into five-year goals
  3. then start with the first five years, you keep the 20-year goal in mind but only focus on the next five years
  4. what are the five steps that got you to that first five-year goal?
  5. and what are the challenges and the opportunities and the strengths and the weaknesses and how can you start moving towards that?
  6. what would be the baby step?
  7. now let’s take that down and cut that down to, a month if you were to achieve that over a month what would you have to do for the next four weeks in order to achieve that baby step in a month?

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t take start taking steps right now if you’re just dealing with the crisis that’s in front of you today and the to-do list which is as long as your whole body and all your family’s bodies, you’re never going to get around to planning for the long term.

Okay, rant over, take some action, if you don’t have a business coach, and you need someone to help you to get streamlined, or you just need a little kick up the pants to get you started, do it, you can work with me for as little as a month to get you started.

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