Welcome and congratulations!

You know that business as usual is just not cutting it anymore. And even it was cutting it, you can’t possibly fit more clients into your week without pushing yourself to the point of burn out. Luckily, you don’t need to.  And very wisely, you just purchased for a steal of a price the keys to scaling up without overwhelm.


Why you are here

You are here for a big purpose right? – you can just FEEL IT!   But sometimes it feels like hard work for little reward. Do you sometimes ask yourself:

🤔 Why is it so hard to show up and do it? Why’s it not flowing?

👀 Why do my actions sometimes fall flat?

☝️ If this is meant to be, why is it not being?

🤷‍♂️ Is there something I am missing, should I just give up?

I felt all these things and more. Building a purpose driven empire can feel like you are building a damn mountain let alone scaling one.  Yet you can’t stop, you are driven, you KNOW this is what you are meant to be doing.  This was me, struggling up that mountain alone, trying to figure it out. Even with my post grad quals in Business and years of business operation under my belt – it was still hard!  Yep read that again, it will make you feel a little bit better about yourself. I struggled, and it is exhausting, soul crushing and ….  ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY because there is a better way and that is exactly what you are going to learn here, the easy way to scale your business.

What you are going to learn

You are going to learn the easy way to reach more people, make more money and be less involved in your business so that you can work ON growing it and increasing your profit margins instead of hustling in it every day.

There are multiple way to do this, and all of them involve scaling your business by streamlining your processes, building automated systems, taking advantage of tech tools, boosting your visibility and changing the way you deliver your core product or service.

🧏 Put your hand up if you are ready for the easy way? the flow way? And I do promise that it is FAR EASIER THAN YOU THINK.   I have done the hard yards and found out what works for small businesses like yours, so you can relax knowing that the systems you will find in here will suit your needs, save you time, and alter the way you do business forever.

Addressing the elephant in the room

There is something that no one is talking about and I think it is time to address it…..  Do you remember when NZ post turned away the opportunity to own emails because it could not see the value in innovation?  when Blockbuster laughed at Netflix because they thought they knew what their customers wanted best?  And what about the effect that Uber has had on the living that taxi owners can earn?

There is stealthy trend that we are putting our heads in the sand about because we love the way we do business currently, it is the people contact and personal touch that makes our business different!  But we can no longer ignore that people are choosing to engage with products and services in a different way.  We are moving more and more towards automations and ONLINE DELIVERY.

I know that you feel some resistance to changing the way you deliver your core product or service, let’s just acknowledge that so we can put it aside for a second.  Being online and automated is everywhere and it is not going away. If you don’t ride the wave you WILL be left behind. You can argue with it all you like but it will carry on creeping up on you regardless.  And since you are here to serve your tribes, I know that you will be willing to put your fears aside and accept some help.

Progress happens whether  we are willing to acknowledge it or not. People are just more comfortable online, it provides 


💎space to absorb content at your own pace 


💎easy access 

And that is what people demand today.

And that is just the benefits for your customers! For you it provides: 

a way to free up your own time 

a way to make a passive income 

a way to serve more of your tribe 

a way to meet your customers needs 

a way to have a bigger impact in the world 

a way to wrap your business around your lifestyle


Step One: Download Your Learning Resource Here

First things first, download your lesson resource here and have a good read about the process.

After that you can access a video for each of the 5 steps of the Scaling Your Business Process.

And finally, below the videos you will see a number of links to helpful tools and templates which will help you to scale up.


Zoom is my FAVOURITE online meeting tool. It is: easy to use; has a mobile application as well as a standard url log in; has a live streaming feature so you can stream live to facebook pages AND groups; you can share your screen with your clients so you can work ‘with’ them in real time; and it has the BEST atuomations such as automatically booking clients through your own client booking system and google calendars!


This is a client booking system, ideal for booking classes and for those who already (or want to) deal with clients virtually. Setting up an auotmated booking system is VITAL for coping with scaling, and this system has handy features such as: processing payments; sending out multiple reminders; branding options; client form automations; pre meeting questionaires; and intergrates with zoom and your personal calendars. 


Shedul and its updated version Fresha, are an alternative online booking system. I use both of these systems (shedul and acuity) for different businesses. Shedul is great for practicioners and has some very useful features such as: automated stock control; automated stock ordering and stock taking; it handles multiple salon locations; is easy for clients to use; allows clients to browze your offerings and to manage their own appointments.


Hubspot is a CRM which is just another silly acronymn that people bandy about – it stands for Client Relationship Management. In real people speak, that means that you can track and view your communications (relationships) with your clients. There are many many systems out there, but this is the most user friendly option to start with.


Canva is your Graphic Designer in your pocket life saver! I think I would marry canva if I could. It saves me countless headaches and hours of work with its done for you templates; free stock photos; branding kits; multiple fonts; hex code picker; logo maker; e-book creation templates; correct sizing pre done for you for facbook ads, website banners and more.


Buffer is an automated software for sheduling social media posts. There are lots of these out there, and I have tried most, but I like Buffer best because it: has a free trial; is cheap to subscribe too; is the most straight forward to use; gives you a view of your posting shedule; allows you to post to all your platforms at once including twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, facbook and more.

Your Next Step


* You love your business

* You are committed to serving your tribe

* You are ready to take the next step…….


Jump on a free call with me

and together we will nail out a Business

Growth Strategy for you so you can


* Have a bigger impact in the world

* Make more money

* Do it all without the overwhelm, doubt and struggle



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