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Podcast Like a Badass

Well hey there superstar,

You and both know that you are here to say some pretty big shiz, and that speaking quietly to your tribe just won’t cut it if you are going affect change in the world.

You can hear your message screaming at you to be let out, it feels like your soul is clawing at your insides, and you know that now, right NOW is the time to be talking, to be sharing, to be engaging, to be OUT THERE.

Podcasting is the answer but omg how complicated does it look right? I was literally quoted $10,000 to learn how to podcast and when I looked into the process and the tech and how complex all that shiz was I wanted to cry. Now I don’t feel that overwhelmed often, like maybe once a year, so that tells you just how techy it was and how convoluted and how ‘secret society’ it all was. But me being me, I went, HELL NO, everything I do is in flow and ease, and you lil ole podcast are gonna be no damn different.

And ta-da, the cheaty, easiest, flow way to podcast was born. I have found all the cheats, worked out the easy ways, and packaged it all up into a bundle for you.

  • The two easiest podcast platform that requires zero tech or sound skills
  • The way to get super good sound without robbing a bank
  • How to make the podcast process so simple you can do from horseback (yup you know I did)
  • How to plan (or not plan) a podcast so that you feel great about your content
  • How to get your podcast up and out there

Now is the perfect time to podcast, honestly it is going off and I just LOVE podcasting, for so many reasons:

  • I feel like I can get into such a great flow with podcasting, there is no distracting image of me or video to faff around with
  • I can do it anywhere and anytime
  • It does not matter if my make up is sliding off when a message strikes and wants to be let out
  • It works for people, they can listen in the car, while they exercise etc
  • It can be as short or as snappy as you like
  • It is easy to send out little soundbites to your tribe
  • They can be easily repurposed for other promotional purposes
  • You get a FAR bigger reach
  • You get the big reach without spending a single red cent on advertising
  • Oh yeah, and it is fun as hell

There is no reason to wait any longer, go ahead and jump in and grab hold of your future now and get podcasting like a badass