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Launching Your Online Programme

So you have made an online programme, congrats darling. That is no small feat, and now it is time to sell that baby, release it into the world and let it do the goodness in the world that you KOW it is here to do.

But where to start?

Well, you could YouTube and Google it for 80 hours straight and you still will not get all the information in this course!

In Launching Your Online Programme I take you through:

* The numbets

* The how

* The Why

* The tools and systems

* The planning and the implementation

Long story short – if you want to get this sucker out there, you are going to have to take action, and that is what this course is all about, action!

In one massive tutorial showing how, what, when and why you will see a live example of how to implement an online course.

This is seriously priced to be a no brained, for 299 I take you right through a real live example of building out a sales funnel for launching your online programme.

Click the little grey box below and take the fear out of your product launch right now.