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FREE Abundance Affirmations

Why do you even need Abundance Affirmations?

Because we have learnt to both want money and push it away with our thoughts, affirmations are a way around this push-pull relationship that we have created around abundance and welcoming money into our lives.

Money is just an amplifier (just as alcohol is) and when you allow yourself to call in and accept more money, you are going to be even more fabulous, reach even more people, and do even more good in the world.

Society has taught us to feel dirty about money and greedy for wanting it. Affirmations are one of the ways that can help us to dispel the negative feelings towards money and therefore call more of it in.

But affirmations can be boring AF right? so let’s juice them up, shall we?

These are 10 of my hottest and most effective abundance affirmations – yours for the taking!