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Feminine Wealth Creatrix is a money revolution for women ready to take charge of their wealth. With 9 power packed modules, easy to use money wrangling tools, manifestation mantras, and transformational trainings you will change your relationship with money for good and …. Learn to live in overflow.

It is time to crack that wealth ceiling and reach the financial liberation that will set you free.  We will walk you through a journey to completely change your beliefs around money so you can receive in ease and flow, rebuild your relationship with money and show you how much fun building wealth actually gets to be.

* Increase your energetic capacity for cash.

* Learn how to be available for and hold large amounts of money.

* Evolve your money stories

* Build unwavering faith in your ability to create and hold wealth

* Remove the blocks that keep sabotaging you

* Build abundance in ease and flow

* Drop the shame around your previous money experiences and release yourself from a scarcity mindset – learning to live in overflow with ease.

Ever get that sinking feeling when you look in your bank account and wonder why it is not more? Your rewards for the effort you are putting in just don’t seem to match.

Well let me tell you, it’s not you, it’s energetics at play – let us shift that shit for you.  It’s time to tap into money flow because you are never going to scrimp and scrape your way to massive wealth! It doesn’t work that way simply because this mindset stems the flow of money and keeps you stuck in the vibration of fear which has money screaming and running in the other direction. The magic of money flow shows up for us women when we stop trying to make the masculine model (and beliefs) of money fit for us.  You CAN manifest money so much faster with creative feminine energy – let me show you how. *all prices is USD