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Cracking The Code on Business Alignment Trial

OMG, I am so freaking excited about this programme,  it just came pouring out after watching my group coaching girls get their businesses cranking and flowing and getting all the results, loving their lives so damn badly, crushing on the what they were creating for the world.

And after empowering them to show up as the real them, in a business that matched what was in their soul and therefore allowed them to reap all the damn benefits that just land in your lap when you get to the real place of soul connection where you are connected to your real power, it dawned on me “oh not everyone knows how to do this”…

I mean the thing is, we tend to create a business from the rule book right? We come up with a clever name, then we get a pretty logo, then we market the hell out of it, and crickets… but don’t dare give up, we get the coach, the marketing experts, and we

H U S T L E…

Like our lives depend on it, and eventually, with enough effort, we start to see results, but it still does not feel right. Unless you have created it (your business that is) to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

And that what’s got me so damn excited, when I stepped back and really looked at from a distance I realized that there IS A PROCESS that I use to get people to connect with their real purpose and THAT’S why they get the results they get with me!

But it so much more than connecting what is in your soul to your business, it is REALLY OWNING that. Stepping up and into the reality of being the YOU, the REAL you that nails it in business. E V E R Y  T I M E.

If want a business that really works FOR you and one where you feel confident, scrap that, you feel like the fucking queen you already ARE, then this programme is for you darling!

As women, we often hold back or find ourselves playing small, we set up business that the world finds acceptable, but we forget to factor ourselves into the equation, and then we dabble at it cause its not really what our hearts want us to do, and then we also don’t feel EMPOWERED to show up cause it is not really US – well duh, yeah… and this realization really hit me like a brick and walla, Cracking The Code on Business Alignment was birthed.

Honestly, it was like a light bulb moment! I almost feel silly for not seeing this sooner, but better late than never right? And now you can have the process too.

You can sign up for this business-changing programme right here.

What is it?

A full months programme to take you from “arghh this business is not feeling quite right” to “omg THIS is where I want to be, this is what FLOW actually feels like”

  • 6 powerful trainings
  • Live “Find your flow” workshop to TAKE THE ACTUAL STEPS to get you ALIGNED with your SOUL
  • 28 days of journal prompts to up-level like never before
  • Bonus video course


And would it even be a programme without the bonuses??????

PLUS BONUS – A full week of no holds barred messenger access to me

PLUS BONUS – How to beat imposter syndrome

PLUS  BONUS – connecting to your values exercise


The Cracking The Code on Business Alignment is for you if you can relate to any of this…

You have been in business for a while now and you know that what you are offering gets great results but it:

  • Feels ‘off’ somehow
  • Getting clients feels like hard work
  • You are not leaping out of bed with joy in the morning anymore
  • You are thinking about starting a new business or selling this one
  • You just don’t have the ‘feels’ for this anymore but you don’t understand why
  • You want to be happier, like insanely happy!

You know that feeling when you sit in your business (or job) and go, hmm, why doesn’t this feel right anymore?
Well, I have been there more times than I care to admit, and honestly, I can say at this in point in my business and life that I celebrate the feeling because I know it means that I am in for an up-leveling!
But I used to think, oh god, I have spent so damn long creating this structure, building these clients and chasing this dream I cannot turn around now.
Can you relate?

But you know what?
Ya can, and usually, all it takes is a few tweaks, you don’t actually need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Well, that has been my experience.  With some slight adjustments, you can build your current business into a new model that gives you everything you ever dreamed of, and more…

It might be scary sure, but it also thrilling. So what is it that holds us back? I mean, fear for sure, but it is more than that right?

What will people say?
I can’t do that!
It’s not the right time!
I don’t have the energy.
And before you know it we off into Facebook land trying to drown out the voice, the soul screaming at us, that wants more, that we have a big job to get on with it. I am guilty of it for sure. I can crank out a great course in under half an hour (it’s true) and then sit on it because I am full of my own excuses.

But as a chicky here to do good in the world I force myself regularly out of my comfort zone to birth into reality that which wants to come forward. Sometimes I want to vomit for the fear it creates, but I am always so pleased when it is done. And all it takes is a tiny piece of bravery, a bit of resolve, a bit of tough self-talk, and then you get to change the world, make someones day or put good vibes out into the world – and that alone is worth feeling discomfort for, for me anyway.

I have been pondering on this a lot lately as I am working with a steady stream of gals who are here to do big things in the world, and when we finally scraped off the bullshit stories and got down to what the soul really really wanted, we found gold. And as a spin-off from finding that gold we found a business just waiting to go gangbusters. Sometimes we are our own biggest roadblock.

So here right in front of you is the opportunity to Crack The Code on Business Alignment so you can:

💥  Create a vision so strong you never waver, this allows you to always take the right action every time. Imagine knowing what to do in every instance automatically!

💥  Learn how to TRUST deeply, you need this so you can show up every damn day and do the work. I give the secrets so you can show up like a badass and killer results instead of playing small.

💥  HOW to do the THINGs that will power you forward, the systems, the steps

💥  How to be your own guide and make BIG decisions in a blink of an eye so that you get results faster than the average bear

💥  Dropping the walls and letting it all flow – really stepping into who you were really born to be!

💥  Setting the new norm – so after you have downloaded, absorbed, and started being ALL THAT, you need to step into the new you fully so you will go from strength to strength

💥  The live training takes you through full integration of who and what you really are, you will come out of this knowing exactly what you should do and that is the secret sauce, you will never look back after stepping up and into this reality

This programme starts 1st August 2020 but I want you to get started with the bonuses straight away, they will allow you to get the most out of the programme – and it will take you a while to integrate the learnings from these powerful bonuses.

If you are ready for the next level in your business and ready for a hell yes life where you get to live in flow, get all the clients and have all the fun, then this training has been created for you!

This training will allow you to become the next level you in business and STOP the HUSTLE, things will flow for you and will finally settle into that place of you. Imagine feeling great every morning, imagine knowing exactly what step to take, imagine knowing that what you are doing WILL work, imagine feeling at ease – that my darling, is what working from flow feels like!

You can either continue to HUSTLE or you can jump into this programme and FLOW.

Now let me tell you something I don’t even know how long I am going to offer this programme for and I am being guided to take ONLY 10 babes on this journey with me.

And I am also being guided to offer it at this time for a ridiculous $159,  a full month programme for less than a cup of coffee a day! But I long ago learned to listen to my guidance – so here you are, the full programme plus the three bonuses for $159.  There are only 10 spots so first called first served….

If this programme is talking to your soul JUST DO IT.

Together we shall rise,