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Cracking Course Creation

Creating a course can be a freaking mind field, I should know I am an adult educator after all.

The mistakes that i have seen people shed real tears over are:

* Creating content that does not fit and then trying to make it fit anyway

* Creating lesson content that takes 6 hours to do when it should only take 1 hour

* Setting up a course platform which costs hundreds of dollars every year when it does not need to

* Struggling for hours to figure out what to say and how to say

* Making pretty graphics which takes hours and then finding out that it can be done in a template in less than 10 minutes

* Writing or recording screens of shiz that no one wants to listen to/read because they cannot figure out which content is valid

I could go on, but I am bored with myself already! You can either waffle off by yo good self into the land of overwhelm or you can save yourself the cost of this alone on the tech tools and cheats I give you. Seriously…. the platform I am going to introduce you to will save you THOUSANDS

PLUS you get to find out just how to structure a course.

PLUS you get my cool templates.

PLUS you will be up and running quicker than a jack rabbit on hunting day.

Go ahead, you know what to do, hit the little grey button down there and get cracking.

You know that the best way forward for you is to create an online course NOW not LATER. And if you want all the tools in one place to make that happen, then dive on in.