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Hot As Hell Alignment

Hot As Hell Alignment: Getting your freaky flow on to 10x your business results – all the secrets unlocked

* Becoming the real you so you can stand out from the crowd and serve from a place of flow

* What you stand for and against and how to apply that to show up as the real leader in your field

* Calling bullshit on societies chains and rules, casting aside expectations

* Busting the BS stories that are secretly holding you back

* Blowing the lid on your secret sabotage stories so you can thrive

Give me three weeks and I will give your flow, your mojo, your full-throttle self-belief!

If you don’t discover something new about yourself you can have a FULL REFUND.

This stuff works, I have used it for years, for many clients, and always with POWERFUL RESULTS.

If you want to shift up a gear, then this is it, baby, you got nothing to lose! 

But that’s not all, I am chucking in bonus freebies (of course) for you because I want you to have EVERYTHING you need to succeed:

1. Becoming Brave in Business – this powerful system takes four weeks to complete and will blow the glitter of your impostor monster once and for all

2. Journal prompts to keep you in flow

If you want business results you have to be aligned to success.

There are many moving parts, and lets face it, you know HOW to do business, you are even doing all the THINGS, but sometimes it feels like hard damn work right?

That’s because you are approaching it from a place of hustle instead of flow. What if you just let go of the hustle? I know, I know, I can hear your brain screaming at me from here.
You think hustle is what makes it work, but let me tell you, from a place of experience and experimentation, the hustle not only does not make it work, it actually slows down your results!
Say what? Yep, I am afraid so. Sometimes you gotta slow done to speed up. But that is easier said than done right?
a) where do you even start
b) you have SO much to do
c) there are only so many hours in a day
d) you have to keep the hustle up – its what you do
e) you are afraid that if you let one little thing slip it will all come crashing down
I used to think that too.
The good news is this…
a) you can let the ball drop and everything will actually improve
b) there is even more time for the doing when you let go of the hustle
c) you have all the answers, you are the key and yes you can do it your way – you gotta start trusting yourself
d) it is easier than you think
As I watched one of my super awesome and successful business babes in my FemPowered Group Coaching programme struggle to really ‘let go and start to flow’ in a way that I just knew would 10X her results, I knew that I had to pump out a super special training for her, and man it sure is super powerful.
Let me confess, I had no intention of making a sucker-punch training like this, it just flowed out of me, and being in the place of trust that I now live in permanently, I know that this course MUST be bought to light.
And so I here is is, for less than a flight to anywhere in NZ you get ramp up your business results by doing LESS, yup, less.
***8 powerful trainings
***Bonus – 30 days of grunty journal prompts to kick you into your real flow.
***Bonus – Becoming Brave in Business 4 week System
***3 Bonus trainings to ice the cake and have you staying in the newly found place of flow and showing up bravely for your clients and asking for (and getting) the sale so that you actually CAN make a difference in people’s lives – there is no damn point in being the best keep secret in town.
What to expect:
a) become the most aligned version of, the one who gets all the results just because she decides to
b) learn how to put yourself into the picture so you can operate from flow instead of hustle
c) find out what flow really is, is not, how to get it, and how to stay it (and what to do if you fall out of it)
d) become really VISIBLE and feel great doing it
e) Get a banging list of ways to be visible so you can stop procrastinating
f) peel back the surface BS so you can discover what it is you really have to say – hone your marketing message and watch your results soar
g) dig into WHO you really are, find out where your bliss has been hiding all this time
h) bust the Impostor Monster once and for all
i) step up into your powerfully unashamedly and boldly with loving grace
j) find out what pulls you away from the results you seek and learn how to deal with those things to give you back your power
k) find out how to use your body as a business tool (not what you think lol)