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Business Expansion Package Subscription

You have read about the other packages and you want ‘all that jazz’ supersized and fast.

This is the package for you if:

🔥 You prefer individualized assistance

🔥 You want real results real fast

🔥 You want to have FULL ACCESS to me

BTW, you not only have full access to me, you also have access to all the online course content and the PinkedIn MasterMind Group.   This is one on one coaching SUPERSIZED so if you really are ready to grow, this package is just what you need.

We meet (virtually) once a week for the first three weeks of every month with an optional strategy session in the final week of each month if you need it.  In our first session we will set a Strategic Annual Plan, and Quarterly Goals before hashing out a plan to get you there. After that, the content and coaching in the weekly sessions depends on what you need.

This Business Expansion Package is subscription based (cancel anytime) so we can go as fast or as slow as you like.

If you have any questions about this package, then it’s best to phone me directly on 64+ 21 1372757 or email me on

“Coaching with Michelle has changed my business and my life, I can’t recommend her enough” – Andre

Oh my gosh this coaching is just so explosive and valuable. I have spent so much time researching social media, what to do, not to do. It’s so exhausting and time wasting!! The call this morning has given me so much insight and understanding and now knowing what my steps are I am so ready to get ROCKING!!!”- Sandra