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Branding Like a Pro BUNDLE

Branding can be so damn hard in the beginning, but not with these cheats.

Despite having post-grad quals in marketing, I still floundered with my branding in the early days, and that is simply (I know now) because I missed out on some important steps.

There are of course courses you can do to learn how to use canva, there are youtube vids on how to brand, but all forget a few things, and so I wanted to create a bundle for you that would have changed my life early on and really powered my brand and my business forward, A N D give you the G O L D that everyone forgets about….

So what does the bundle include?

  1. Exploring your brand and what you want it to communicate to the wider world, questions to prompt you along and make this oh so easy, gosh I wish I had had this early on!
  2. How to choose your brands colours, shapes, feel, and vibe
  3. Learn about colour phycology
  4. Learn why you need to link YOU to your brand and how to do that
  5. A full-on training workshop on how to use canva (this is several hundred worths alone)
  6. How to create a beautifully branded background and why that matters

PSST, if you don’t already have a logo, I suggest a way you can do this, and do some needed exploring BEFORE you hire your graphic designer (trust me they will thank you).

So go ahead and find that tiny grey buy now button below and GET BRANDING LIKE A PRO