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Yep, aha, you sure are.  You have DONE all the ‘things’ right? You have bought every book, you have done every damn affirmation possible… So where is the MF money?

Am I right? Is this how you feel?  It was certainly how I used to feel. I have always been pretty good at making money simply cause I LOVE what I do, but do you think I could build my net worth, ah, hell no. No matter what I earned, I just had bigger and bigger bills.  But now I know a few secrets, some of them you will have heard of, but not really ‘applied’ in a way that REALLY gets results, and others will be off the wall cray cray.

Regardless of how crazy some of the tools in this power punch of a course are, they are all there for a reason. They are designed to drag your money stories screaming into the light and have them writhing around in pain before disappearing in a puff of smoke (ok I have a teenager, clearly I have seen too much teen crap on telly).

This challenge should be completed over a month for the best results. It starts with a bullshit busting webinar that will kick your money story death warrant into gear, and is followed up by 30 days of powerful money habit techniques which will power you into a whole new way of seeing money and attracting (allowing?) it into your life.

As business owners, some might expect us to have our money habits sorted. In my experience, 100% (not a typo) of business owners have poor money habits even after years of being in business. My clients who powerfully shift their businesses forward are those who do the work and clean up both their mindsets around money and their money health habits.

Do you want to move forward powerfully too?

  • Receive a new challenge every day to move you towards money habits and a healthy mindset that will have you doing business in the thrive lane
  • Learn some easy methods that helped me to move from just making money to actually growing my money
  • Gain confidence with financial tracking
  • Learn to love numbers – no really you will…
  • Feel more confident about money, making it, asking for it, and growing it
  • Change your mindset to smash your income barrier
  • Grow your business profits


Are you in darling? You know what to do, click the little pink box down there and sign up now.