Cracking The Code On Business Alignment

Holy Moly, this is where it gets REAL baby, so hang on to your seat.

You are going to do some big shifting, and at times that might feel uncomfortable, but trust me, it leads to the garden of eden.

If you are ready for aligned business success jump into the bonuses now.

PS, the programme starts 1st August so make sure you note that day in your calendar!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Your mission should you choose to accept it is….to level up, and find out what is really in your soul striving to be birthed into the world.


Why you need to do it:

Why you need to do it… well because it is the path to true freedom, happiness, money, flow and the good shiz! Seriously when you finally get to work from flow you will NEVER want to work ANY OTHER WAY EVER AGAIN



What you actually need to do:


First up dig into the bonuses below. Yes I know it’s a bit topsy turvey to start with the bonus but you see these are special bonuses, they will prepare you to do the work in the programme with greater ease. Now of course, you have a choice, you don’t HAVE to do the bonuses but they will make everything flow so much better for you, so I will leave it up you to decide.

Bonus one: To set you up for powering off in the right direction we are going to need to re-visit your Core Values, in fact you should keep this document handy and complete it as a review every six months.  Matching Your Core Values to Your Business – download it here

Bonus two: To start TRUSTING yourself fully before we dive into this programme, download and complete the four week training system in Becoming Brave in Business – download it here

Bonus three: A full week of messenger access to me so I can help you through any particular challenge. You can use this at any time throughout your programme, so I will leave it up to you when you activate your week.  You can activate your week of messenger contact with me by messaging me directly with a) your name b) the password ‘alignment messenger support’ 

And because I freaking LOVE surprising you, here is another bonus for you!

Marketing Messaging for Programmes Made Easy!

The whole shebang including templates… grab it here


      Do this PRE TRAINING SESSION. Video here and supporting resource here

And then watch a re-play of the Cracking The Code on Business Alignment Workshop here

What are the learning outcomes?

1. Discover your souls purpose

2. Find out what you are really working towards

3. Build your vision of your future – in all it’s glorious detail, this is what allows you just KNOW what to do at any given time

4. Connect you to YOUR higher self – this is vital for success and is the secret sauce so to speak that you see others possessing


Listen to one of the audio trainings a week. They are short, powerful and punchy, but BIG. There is some stuff in here that I don’t want you to rush. And there are some secret code breaking messages in there that I want you to really absorb and allow them to work their magic over the week so that you are ready for the next level of training. These audio trainings need to be completed in sequence for the best results.

Listen to audio one THE BIZ ALIGNMENT MEDITATION here

An additional resource to remind you what it takes to step into your own authenticity here

Listen to audio two BREATHING YOUR VISION INTO LIFE here


Listen to audio four THE TOOLS TO TAKE IT UP A NOTCH here


Grab a bonus message on why your brain should be fired here

And some final words to prompt you to ‘step it up a notch’ in your business here

and an audio to match as well (just because I want to you have all the damn tools 🙂 here


Download the Journal Prompt resource here and complete one each day for best results. If you are late to the game you could do more than one a day but I find you getter, and therefore, better results when you take your time in a non pressured way. 

When you sit down to journal, make sure that you have cleared your mind first and that you are in a good space. In order to journal deep into the soul you must feel safe.

Journaling Like A Badass: Grab the Resource by Clicking Here



I am pretty excited about this bonus training. I had no intention of even going here, but the training would not leave me alone! So here you go, this short video training gives you 5 all powerful tools to get you using your body as a business tool – VITAL if you are have a business which is truely aligned to you.  And, it just happens to be all my secrets to my business success!

The tools I talk about in the video are these (just so you have a record)

1.  Feel into your body every 3 hours and do a quick body scan, then check in with what that feelings underlying message is for you and then act on it. Don’t worry if you feel nothing to begin with, this is like any new thing, it takes time to master.

2. Check all decisions against your yes or no meter. When you hold the thought do you feel expansive or compressed.

3. Use the elevator to know if something is soul aligned or just brain based, put the thought in your head and feel it there, and then take it down to your heart space in an elevator.

4. Start your day with a journal prompt:  What are you grateful for? What do you choose to FEEL today? What is the aligned action you get to take?

5. End the day with a journal prompt: What made your soul sing today? What will you do differently tomorrow? What are being CALLED to do?



Now that you have uncovered what you should really be doing to align your business to your soul, it might well be time for a little re-brand or brand tickle up. This video recording of a live workshop training tells you how to think about your brand and match it to YOU – you are your business and what you stand for is what your business message is. Find out how to pick keywords, and match those to colours and shapes, and then dive into colour phycology and branding before learning how to nail out great branded products using all of canvas hidden secret tools you have been missing out on. There are at least 5 nuggets in here worth hundreds of dollars in time saved each!

And of course more goodies for you. Grab an additional resource PDF here

And if you STILL want more, hit me up and I will give another bonus on setting up branded backgrounds and personal styling.


Now go forth and thrive in business, you have the secrets now, you have alignment, you have your massive vision.  Now you can start attracting new clients the flow way and get on with living a hell yes life and changing the world!

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