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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to start planning!

From the big stuff down to the nitty gritty…

This is where we get down and dirty with a spreadsheet for planning! Yep I did say spreadsheet.  But not a spreadsheet as you know it, this one will be fun I promise.

Your biggest challenge here may be accepting that something as rigid and as boring as a spreadsheet can actually take the overwhelm out of your life.


Why you need to do it:

Failing to plan really is planning to fail.

Without a plan we bounce from one thing to the next in overwhelm because we don’t know what we should be focusing on.

This planning might intially feel like an added overwhelming task, but you will soon see that planning from the ‘top down’ actually gives you a solid path to tread, and that alone will reduce your overwhelm.

In this lesson you get a planning template in the format of a spreadsheet. It is a spreadsheet for a very good reason. if you had all the relevant paper work that would usually be used, it would be at least 20 pages long.  



What you actually need to do:

For this lesson you will need to:

1. This time I want you to download the resource first, the “Copy Sample Manifestation Planner” – so called because it helps you to manifest your dreams.

2. Download the spreadsheet as an Excel Spreadsheet and save it to your own desktop *Do Not write on the template – everyone has access to that and will see what you type!

3. Have a flick through the spreadsheet tabs. They are numbered and you should look at them in this order. It has been filled out with a made up sample so that you get the idea of how to use it.

4. Tab one is vision type stuff, tab 2 is where your goals are recorded, tab 3 is where your overall goal(s) are chunked down into “Quarterly Goals” which are basically stepping stones to achieving your overall goal. Tab 4 is where you chunk down even further, this is where you take your ‘goals’ and list actionable items (steps) that you will take in the coming week to move you toward your overall goal(s).

5. OK BREATHE.  Before we go any further, just breathe. It might feel very confusing right now, but I have made a video for you explaining how the spreadsheet works.

6. Watch the video above. 

7. Fill out your spreadsheet.

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