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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to F*O*C*U*S

Ouch right? How many hours a day do you think you actually spend being NON productive?

I have many of my coaching clients perform a time analysis and you will be pleased to know that everyone procrastinates.

But… there is a way around it, and in this lesson we learn some techniques to do just that.


Why you need to do it:

In order for your business to succeed, you have to have time to spend on it rather than in it. 

Most of my clients find that when they actually do get time to sit down and work ON their businesses they often don’t actually know what to do. But not you! Not any more! Because you have done all your planning now, you have your goals, your quarterly goals, your monthly focus, your weekly tasks, and your daily to-do-list put straight into your calendar. 

So when ‘Make a course on gut health’ pops up in your calendar on Monday morning you know exactly what you should be doing… and now you are going to learn how to get that done in an hour!



What you actually need to do:

For this lesson you will need to:

1. Watch the video above.

2. Download your resource for this lesson which is a Micro Focus Cheat Sheet so you have all the techniques written out – you could keep this at your desk as a reminder?

3. Set Power Hours into your calendar.

4. Brainstorm some ideas for chunking and batching tasks that would work for your life.

5. Have some fun, because that should be sheduled into your calendar too!

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