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A bit tongue in cheek maybe, but aren’t you tired of it being the other way around?  Finally ditching the overwhelm and making time YOUR b*i*t*c*h instead of the other way around will CHANGE YOUR LIFE and is the fastest way to accelerate your business results.

Time can get away on us right? We think we know what lays ahead of us and we might even have a to-do-list at the ready, but somehow the day always veers off the plan, you end up responding to one thing after the other, and before you know it is time to start cooking dinner and yet another day has slipped by and all you have done is work in your business again instead of working on growing it. Is this sounding familiar?

You are not alone, the majority of people feel this way, but there is an easy way out I promise and it actually isn’t that hard. 

Are you ready to feel like you are in control of time?

Are you ready to feel like you have a handle on how your day will unfold? 

Are you ready to have time to work on your business instead of just in it?

Are you ready to create some time in your life for yourself and invite some joy back into your life?

Are you ready to meet all your commitments without feeling overwhelmed?

Great! then lets jump on in….

Whats in it?

This module is punchy and powerful. There are four lessons for you here, but please take your time learning and implementing the things in this second module because they are big life changing tools.  It will be more effective for you to learn one new tool and work with it, refine it, modify it and truly integrate it over a month before moving on, than to charge ahead and try to implement all your new tricks at once.

Why? It takes 28 days to install a new habit, and if you do too many changes at once you may become overwhelmed… and trust me, you want these new tools to stick!  The things that you will learn here are the best of the best techniques that I have made up, trailed, and modified over 25 years. I am yet to meet a person that these tricks have not worked for, but as with all new tools you need to play around with them a bit to make them ‘you-i-fied’.  

By the time you have completed this module you will be an organized superstar

I want you to check in with how you are feeling darling…

I am aware that this might be triggering some pretty big fears and stories for you about time and organisation right now, and the urge to procrastinate (scrolling through facebook anyone?) might be strong.  But stick with me, you are here right, so let’s give this a go.  In this module we will:

1. Categorize your life into tasks.  Cold? Yep it is, and it works.

2. Get you using an electronic calendar. Gasp!

3. Give you the planning tools that super CEOs use, but in an easy to digest format.

4. Show you how to DO THE STUFF, because that is the bit that is usually missing.  You can get the tools anywhere if you look hard enough, but if you don’t get shown how to apply them in real life it is just another useful tool sitting in a draw doing nothing.

A word about electronic calendars

I used to be a die hard paper diary girl myself, but I LOVE my electronic calendar now for a number of reasons:

* It never gets lost;

* I can link other family members to it;

* I can access it from anywhere, even the library, work, or out and about;

* I can colour code it which gives me a nifty visual over view;

* I can link addresses to events so my map app tells me where I am going automatically if I want it to;

* I can set recurring tasks which saves me time and sets a rhythm to my life.

 Taking the time to set up your calendar correctly in the beginning will save you lots of time later on.  And chances are, if you taking this course, time is already pressurized for you right? So let’s take this one step at a time and do it right. 


Click on the Lesson 1 box below and let’s get started.


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