Magical Millionaire Membership...The Trainings


You made it to last module, go you!  By now you:

* Know how to clarify and catagorize tasks into manageable chunks

* Have a trick to beat back the overwhelm when it raises its ugly head

* Most likely have outsourced some of your tasks and have maybe even automated some things too

* Have an electronic calendar system which you are getting to know better everyday

* Have learnt how to focus at a macro level to do your planning

* Might be using the spreadsheet system to work down from your Annual Strategic Plan, to Quarterly Goals, to monthly focus, to weekly tasks

* Have a tool to focus at the micro level so that you can get more done

Now, it is time to add you into the equation.  Up until this point we have been learning systems, and tricks, but now, we are going to look at tweaking things so they work for you personally – otherwise this all becomes just another thing that you tried for a while. 

The trick to sticking with any new system, is making it work for you. So without  futher ado, lets get to know you…

Whats in it?

This module we:

* Explore your personal rhythms

* Find out where your time is really going

* Discover your goals and desires and match them up to the time you spend


Click on the Lesson 1 box below and let’s get started.


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