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 Did you even know there was a lion in your mind? 

Every one has one.  Well, a version of it anyway, yours might be a bear, or a gorilla, or a saber tooth tiger.  Basically a scary thing that you need to either fight or flee from.  

Why is this relevant to time wrangling?

Let me explain… our brains are hard wired for survival, that is, your brain is trained to look for danger and then to respond to that danger by stimulating the flight or flight (adrenal) response in the body. When this happens, you are flooded with adrenaline to boost you energy so you can fight or run away from that lion.  Your muscles are flushed with blood, your breathing rate increases, your digestion ceases and so does rationale thought. If you do not run or fight, but stay seated at your desk you might feel your heart thumping, you might even notice your shallow breathing, and, if you don’t burn up the adrenaline, you will at some stage become irritated or anxious.

Stick with me, it is important for you to understand this process here, because once you get it, you can do something about it.

We really really really don’t want you in this state because it makes you feel crap, turns off your brain, and you loose focus. Then you turn to a distraction such as social media to try and calm yo self down.  Sounding familiar?

Picture this… You open up your inbox and see 30 emails, 2 of which are from customers that you really do not enjoy working with. Your brain picks up on this threat and immediately kicks you off into the fight or flight response.  You answer some of your emails and then your facebook dings an alert at you, rather than deal with all 30 emails swiftly and move onto your next big task, you take a peek at facebook. You resurface 20 minutes later feeling better only to get a ding from your calendar telling you that you need to pick up the signage you ordered for your event this weekend. Now you are off into fight or flight again…

This cycle can repeat many times a day and ultimately leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Still struggling to see the relevance?

If you are constantly overwhelmed you will not be able to focus. You need to be in an alert and capable frame of mind to work at a pace that will allow you to achieve all your tasks for the day, week, month, quarter and year. AKA, if you wanna achieve your goals, you gotta tame the lion.  And when your brain is worried about being eaten by a lion you are hardly going to be at your creative best.  

Taming your lion will allow you to:

* Work more effectively

* Come up with fast and effective solutions

* Tap into your creativity

* Enjoy your work again

* Sleep better

* Feel better

 So how can you tame your lion?

Well I am pleased you asked. It really is as simple as addressing that paper lion. 

* The first lesson in module one takes you through a brain dump which lays all your paper tigers on a sheet of paper and then we systematically plan to deal with them. 

* Lesson two helps you to create a vision of a life where you do not have to be chased by paper tigers anymore

* Lesson three gives you a system for dealing with overwhelm if it does occur

Ready to slay your lion? Let’s get started.


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