Lesson Two: The Nuts & Bolts


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to take the idea(s) that appealed to you most for up-scaling your business and work through the nuts and bolts of it.

I apologize in advance for this hefty lesson, there is a lot to cover and you may wish to pause me and cut this lesson video into 4 sessions:

1. Who, what, when, how, why

2. Your big why and making decisions

3. Market research

4. Planning your launch


Why you need to do it:

Any business decision should follow the four step method mentioned in the coloumn to the left, and scaling up is no different.

Here I talk you through all the considerations and ask you to make some decisions before conducting market research and then planning a launch if you decide to go ahead.



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. 

2. Download the lesson resource and finalize your thinking.

3. Do your market research and collate the results.

4. Plan your launch.









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