You are born to oversee an empire darling, so let’s just settle that right here right now and own that shiz!

The time for playing small has passed and it is time to accept that you are here to make a massive in the world in your own way, yes you, why the hell not you?



I know that you have all sorts of stories going on, just accept the thoughts without fighting them and move on into your queendom, the place where you can lead your tribe and take care of the empire that you are building with grace and flow.

It is time to DECIDE, to just be, to accept that you are, in fact, the queen.

How this training rolls



There are 7 kickass, bullshit busting, blockage crushing, code installing lessons in this training.

Is is straight up no waffle powerful stuff.  I would really encourage you to NOT multi task for this particular training. It has some heavy serious stuff wrapped up in my light silliness, so please, pay attention so you get the full benefits of the secret codes you will be downloading while listening to these trainings.

The trainings are best listened to one each day for seven days, and seven days in a row if you can.  If you only have 2 days, then maybe wait until you have seven days in a row to complete this training.


Becoming The Queen You Already Are


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Your mission….
“Is to step bolding forward and shed the skin of the person you have been pretending to be so that you would be palatable to the masses… and step into being the Queen of your empire”

Why you need to do it:

Why you need to do it…
“You have always been the queen, you and I know that you are destined for greatness, and now it is time to fully OWN that shiz so that:
* you can show up boldly for your tirbe
* you can get on with working from flow
* you will feel like the queen and therefore get everything done at double speed
* you will start valuing your work EVEN MORE and charge for it appropriately
* release the shiz holding you back so you can power forward

What you actually need to do:

What you actually need to do…
1. Listen to one (and only one) training per day! This is big bullshit busting stuff darling and it is going to take some integration and owning!  
2. After listening to each sound bite, take the actions that are required for each audio (and some of them are BIG DEALS, so get your brave on – no excuses you are the queen after all darling). There is no resource for this course, so listen up carefully for the actions required.
3.  Celebrate your Coronation Day in some BIG way and post a picture of this into the Business Out Loud & Authentic Facebook Group.

Your Training Resource

Grab your training resource here.  You will need to listen to one audio per then complete the associated activities here

Training #1

Finding out who the queen really is, this training takes a deep dive into who you really are and who you have always really been.


Training #2

What it REALLY takes to become the queen that you already are. Time to step up to the plate (or empire gates) darling


Training #3

Developing the queenly mindset.  You ALREADY ARE the queen, now we give you the mindset to match!



Training #4

The queenly clearing. It is time to clear the slate and step up into the real you who is here to serve and change the world.


Training #5

Acting like the queen you already are.  Here you will ask to be respected and supported in a way that allows you to serve.


Training #6

Owning that shiz. It is time to accept the crown and really deeply truly own that shiz darling. It is now or never.


Training #7

OMG it is finally here, your coronation day!  Let’s celebrate darling, let’s step into the empire and start changing the world. 

1. Finding out who the queen is and why you need to step into her presence fully
2. What is takes to become the leader you already are
3. Developing the mindset of the queen who rules her empire
4. The Queenly clearing
5.Acting like the queen you already are
6. Owning that shiz – releasing that for which you are no longer available
7. Your coronation day – the placing of the crown
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