Goal Setting Module: Lesson 5 – Tracking & Gap Analysis


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to track the outcomes of your actions and measure you success towards your goals.  Then is an extension on the previous lesson and is a bigger review of overall outcomes rather than a daily measure.

The activity in this lesson are designed to be used once a month.




Why you need to do it:

Tracking your outcomes is what successful people do to ensure they are taking action in the right direction.

Not tracking your actions and the outcomes can easily lead to overwhelm, because when we do not see results we try something else, and then something else, and then… you get what I am saying right? We tend to fall into ‘shiny new object syndrome’ and implement a new thing to get new results.

Constantly changing tack can undermine your success and lead to overwhelm. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, it is wise to stick with a decided action for a month and then review the measurable outcomes.


What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above.

2. Open up the lesson resource and SAVE YOUR OWN COPY. This is important because this spreadsheet is ‘live’. That means that if you type on it, you alter the template and everyone else will see what you have typed.

3. You can start using this resource straight away, but we will be building on the monthly business review method later in the course too.

4. You did it! You made it to the end of this module. Well done, seriously well done.  You now have a solid foundation to help you build your empire.

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