Goal Setting Module

 This module is super exciting!  Here we get down and dirty with the who, what, when and how of your dream business (and lifestyle).  You could say this is the part where we start ‘future forwarding’ your business.  During this module we take you through:

* Setting your vision – this is where we connect to your deeper purpose and form the foundation of all that is to come.  Many people miss this step in the corporate world and jump straight into goal setting and strategies, but the truth is, without a vision your goals will lack the creative solutions and direction that this powerful vision allows. This will be your secret weapon and will keep you honed to your dreams, manifesting like a super star, and connected to your soul rather than to your head.

Our heads in my experience, do not make the best strategic decisions because they tend to be fear driven. that is, your mind is trained to keep you alive by scanning for danger constantly.  This is great (thanks mind) but in order to make strong business decisions we need to set aside the fear and doubt. Easier said than done right? Yes if you use your brain…. But what I have found works EVERY TIME for making strong business decisions that afford massive (inexpecibly so) success, is to connect to the soul and make strategic decsions based off my vision and how my body feels rather than what my mind is telling me.  Sound counter-intuitive right? But trust me, it works (for me and my clients).

* Goal setting – but not as you know it. Here you will explore a whole new way of setting goals, a way that will make achieving your dreams easy.

* Then we extend your goal achieving abilities with some neat tricks that have worked for hundreds of other purpose driven women just like you.

* And we end on a strong note by sharing the exact system that we use which allows us to strategically analyze results without being overwhelmed our driving ourselves crazy.

Before you know it, you will BE the kickass business women nailing all their goals.

I promise this is all really painless, the systems have been refined and simplified over 25 years so that you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t. So dive on in, and if you have any questions, I am here to help.


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