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Soul Method Marketing Course One: 

The Foundations of Soul Method Marketing Messages


Click each link below to access the audio, video, or resources for each lesson.

Lesson one training one: What is soul method marketing

Lesson one training two: The method part of soul method marketing

Lesson one training three: The marketing part of soul method marketing

Lesson two: Yeah but who are you really? 

Lesson three: What is that you do? 

Lesson four: Why others should care about what you do. 

Lesson five: Not but really, it’s time to BRAVE



L1 * Write on your bathroom mirror, the number one rule of soul method marketing “ENERGY MATTERS. People are attracted to my energy and every time I show up as my true self I attract new clients to me”.

L1 * Think about the people you choose to work with, and hash out a brand spanking new Client Avatar that feels really yummy

L1 * Process for soul method marketing: connect to vision; then connect to client avatar; connect to your soul using the morning journal prompts provided; craft your message; then take your sales actions (which come later)

L1 * Consider the pricing of your offerings and check in with these prices in your body

L1 * Take it deep into your knowing that “your tribe are already there, they are waiting for you to show up”. Add this to your daily affirmations.

L1 * Do your daily affirmations in a way that really will have the universe delivering the results you desire

L1 * Start making some offers! Get your call to actions out there gal!  We will revamp your call to actions in later modules, but you can get started with making offers right now

L2 * Review your past marketing, look at your messages and offers (make sure you record this somewhere)

L2 * Finish this statement in your journal. Hi I am ________ [insert your name] and I am here to….

L2 * If no one was watching or listening and there were no consequences for speaking your utter and unfettered truth what would you want the world to know?  And now, write down the traits, skills, and experiences that you have had or have now that will allow you to deliver this message to the world

L3 * Do the Brain Dump activity and get out of your head, all the parts of your current business and any future business ideas too. Then rate them using the 4 categories: popularity with market; profitability; your desire; resources/manageability and cross off any that reach less than 30/40. Then cross out any items that you just don’t love or can’t see yourself doing for the long haul. Then move onto colour coding: green for core product; yellow for lead in product; orange for hell yes hot as hell offering.

L3 * Write out and record somewhere what you stand for and against and what the pillars of your business are

L4 * Conduct some market research around your offerings and find out what the REAL benefits are

L5 * Write out what you are no longer available for

L5 * Write out 5 fearful beliefs or thoughts that you are willing to let go in order to reach the success you seek



#bonus1: Money mindset blocks will hold you back from success. You can have ALL the right methods for marketing, be sharing your real voice, and doing the damn work on the daily, as well as having the best service or product out there, but the truth is, if you don’t feel worthy of the success then you push that away energetically. I consider mindset work of equal importance, if not higher than the actual physical showing up and taking sales actions. You can access the Money Mindset Webinar Here. 

#bonus2: Access the super cool Rhythms to Support Your Success here.  I am super excited to give these to you as a bonus because they are literally the secret sauce recipe that I use to get all my clients to a place of supercharged success.