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Soul Method Marketing Course Two

Soul Method Marketing Content


Lesson one: What soul marketing messages are, and are not

Lesson two: Introductory content and unique selling points (ups)

Lesson three: Email content

Lesson four: Format for promotional content – taking a client on the journey from cold to sold

Lesson five: Visual content

Lesson six: Facebook content posting


L1 * Write out any affirmations that you need to counteract any salesy = sleasy stories you might have going on.

L1 * Journal Prompt: The main reason that getting my message out there is a real and authentic way is MORE important than my fear right now is…

L1 * Write out a free flow page about what content you might be able to put ‘out there’ to get people to know, like and trust you.

L1 * What do people really need to know about you and what you offer? And what do people really need to UNDERSTAND about you, how you are different, and what you really care about?

L2 * Write out your own Unique Selling Point and ‘re-purpose’ it in at least 3 different locations. 

USP Script: PBS (insert company) is the only Spa (insert what you are) that works at a soul level (insert what you do) by really slowing you down and taking you deeper (insert what you how you do it) so that you can fully relax and let go n(insert your goal for your client) without having to take an expensive and time consuming holiday (insert what they WON’T have to deal with, what they will AVOID by working with you).

L3 * Write an on-boarding email sequence (or fluff yours up to be more soul aligned). Don’t forget to answer: what’s in for me; will I vibe with this tribe; what are the rules here/what is normal here. Email sequence: 1 welcome, tell them why they will like it here; 2. What I do – why I am different, maybe inc a video; 3. Highlight pain points and solve an easy one; 4. Case study/testimonial to create FOMO; 5. Ask them to take the next step

L4 * Make your own promotional content flow, whether that be for 

L5 * If you don’t already have a canva account, get one and put your branding colours and fonts on there. If you don’t have branding colours now is the time! I do have a banging training on branding so hit me up if you need it.

L6 * Commit to posting content of different varieties on facebook every single day, and the message MUST be approached from the angle of ‘intention’, the message must come from soul, you should add a pretty graphic and have a clear call to action (CTA) of some sort.

L6 * Download the Facbook Content Bonus Resource here



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