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Soul Method Marketing Course Three

Making Sales Delicious


Lesson one: Sales does not equal sleazy

Lesson two: How to prepare yourself for sales calls

Lesson three: The sales script (ta-da)


L1 * List all the ways that your product(s)/service(s) do good in the world and serve your tribes. Write at the bottom of these bullet points “If I am not showing up to serve my clients then they are not getting what they need in order to live their best lives”

L2 * Print out this resource and keep it handy, you will be a sales call VERY soon

L3 * Download the sales scripts below and pick one that resonates with you. 

L3 * Practice your sales script until you can say it off by heart, oh, and practice this in the mirror too, that is REALLY powerful

L3 * Either buddy up with someone from the facebook group or find a few friends to be your ‘guniea pigs’ and do at least 10 practice sales calls



Sample of a Value Ladder for selling to different levels of clients

Sales script one

Sales script two

Sales script three