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Soul Method Marketing Course Four

Closing The Sale


Lesson one: Live Sales Training Event

There is only one giant lesson for this module, it covers a lot in a short time so come prepared with a notebook and keen ears.

You might want to listen to this recorded live training event several times and be sure to capture points from each of the headings below and then answer the questions in the action section.

Lesson one: Selling to different personality types

Lesson two: Types of selling: up-selling; down-selling; cross-selling

Lesson three: Get them saying yes

Lesson four: Closing the sale

Lesson five: Dealing with objections


 * L1- Write what you have learnt about each of the four personality types: Playful, Powerful, Precise, Peaceful.

* L1 – Consider the last 10 sales conversations you had and try to place each persons dominant personality type. Did you do a good job of selling to the personality type? Why? Why not?  What would you do the same next time? What would you do differently next time?

* L2 – Come up with your own Value Ladder (there is a sample below) 

* L 2 – Make connections with others and make a plan for cross-selling in the future

* L2 – Plan your up-sell and down-sell products and strategies

* L3 – Practice the art of getting people to say yes. Try it out on the next 20 or so people you converse with (does not have to be in business) and then make a list of strategies that worked for you and which one did not. Note if personality styles had anything to do with who you managed to get saying yes.

* L3 – Write a list of questions you will ask during your sales activities to get your future clients saying yes. Plan at least two questions for the following: Facebook Ads; A blog post; a sales call; marketing literature

* L4 – Ask three friends to be a practice client for you to complete sales calls on – be sure to pick people who will be HONEST with if even if it hurts and people whose opinions matter to you (also helps if they fit your target market). Ask them for feedback on what you did well and what you could improve on.  

* L5 – Write a list of all objections that you have had in the past and come up with at least three statements for each of these. Post them up in the facebook group if you would appreciate some feedback.


Sample of a Value Ladder for selling to different levels of clients