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Soul Method Marketing Course Five

Sales Funells


Lesson one: What is a sales funnel, how to use a CRM and create a lead magnet

Lesson two: Creating e-books to use as a lead magnet

Lesson three: Creating your first funnel! YUP time for big girls pants!!!!

Lesson four: Types of offers to lead on from your lead magnet to a first sale

Lesson five: Audio trainings and video trainings as lead magnets

Lesson six: How to organize a live event

Lesson seven: Live events, webinars and workshops


 * L1-  Think about your version of a lead magnet and flesh out some of the details. I have added a bonus lead magnet creation resource for you, you can find it below in the bonus section

* L2 – Have a play around on canva and try to making a sample e-book from the templates on canva. Remember to use your own branding (two or three colours and two fonts max) and use pics to and bullet points to make it interesting.  You can read more info in the bonus resource below.

* L3 – Create a flow chart for your first sales funnel. I recommend using post it notes and sticking them to the wall or using a whiteboard marker on your window.  I know that is feels complicated, but remember it is not really. A sales funnel is simply a way to lead a person from cold to sold. You could have “client sees facebook ad” as the first step for your sales funnel and the call-to-action might be “clicks on learn more and fills details into the form”. The second step might be “downloads lead magnet” and the call-to-action would be “opens resource linked to google drive”….. and so on and so on until the customer buys from you. If you get stuck, put a post in the facebook group and I will help you out.

* L4 – Have a look on facebook and see what kind of offers resonate with you that you would like to try out with your audiences

* L5 – Get a drop box account, make a folder and label it lead magnets, then add ‘new’ recording (record live into dropbox with no script) and then share this with yourself as link to practice doing this. You never know when you will need to do this and it is far better to have practiced using this tech before you need it

* L5 – Record straight onto your phone (in landscape) and try editing it in imovie (on iphone) or on inshot (on an android) and then upload it to youtube.

* L5 – make yourself a youtube channel if you do not already have one, remember to upload your logo instead of a picture of you.

* L6 – Brainstorm some ideas for a live event. What could you teach in person? 

* L7 – Have a play with a few tech tools, create a slide in Google Drive and save it as a PDF, get a zoom account if you don’t have one and try recording a session and get used to sharing the screen (it is the green envelope looking icon down the bottom)

* L7 – Plan out your event from pain island to fantasy island and the steps in between and plan what you on-sell is

* L7 – FINAL STEP…Plan out your promotion, start with the end in mind, how many people do you want to sign up? ie 20 to your subscription and work backwards from there

*** If you are in a rush to begin advertising there is a useful bonus resource for you below Your Advertising Cheat Checklist


Here is the link to hubspot which is a free software which helps you to do Client Relationship Management (CRM). But remember you could also use a simple spreadsheet with names, dates and points of contact and then highlight rows with traffic light colours to keep things really simple.  I tend to only use a CRM when I do a promotion.

Click funnels link

How to create a youtube channel

Creating lead magnets bonus resource

Your advertising  cheat checklist