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Soul Method Marketing Course Nine

All About SEO


SEO, I hate the abreviations, they make us feel so silly right? Well you know that I am all about busting the bullshit and showing you how easy marketing can actually be, so buckle up you are about to get real good at SEO! Which btw, stands for 


And that, is just a fancy way of saying, you are helping google (and other search engines) to find you with ease.


Lesson one: What is SEO and how do I get some of that?

Lesson two: About finding keywords to use for SEO

Lesson three: Other organic SEO tricks

Lesson four: Checking what is happening on your website – the analytics

Additional recording for lesson four here


 * L1-  Go ahead and download YOAST SEO onto your website

* L1 – Write out what you are ‘selling’ on each page so you can later search keywords for that

* L2 – Research your competitors and see which key words are working for them using the Key Words Everywhere extension

* L2 – Do some internal research and ask your clients what phrases they would search to find the solutions you offer

* L2 – Look at Quora and Answer the Public to see what key phrases people are searching to do with your area of offerings

* L2 – Set up the yoast focus phrase (keyword) on each of your pages on your website

* L2 – Make sure that your keyword for each page is featured in all of the following:

 – title of the page

– the first sentence (preferably the first 3 words)

– three times in the first paragraph

– another 7 times throughout the page 

* L3 – change the name of each image, this is called the alt-image-name

* L3 – add at least one external link to each page of your website

* L3 – add at least one internal link to each page of your website

* L 3 – check your SEO rating using either Sitechecker or woorank

* L4 – Down hotjar and put the tracker code into the back end of your website

* L4 – Set up a google analytics account if you do not already have one

* L4 – Put the UA- number for google analytics into your website so that google can track what happens on each page of your website

* L4 – Try out user brain if you wish







Answer the Public

Key Words Chrome Extension



Google Analytics