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Soul Method Marketing Course Seven

Podcast Your Way To Fame


Podcast your way to fame!

As a woman here to change the world, people need to hear what you have to say.  People definatley need to hear what YOU have to say, but they are also busy people. Podcasting is a great way to reach a bigger and wider audience in a way that is an easy (and low commitment) way for people to get to know you better.  And remember, people need to know, like and trust you before they will work with you.

In this course on podcasting you are going to learn how to podcast the easy way (because honestly you could drown in years of learning how to do it like I did before I stumbled on the cheats way), the best platforms to use, how to make your podcast alluring and how to get your podcast heard.

So what are you waiting for? Dive on in, the water is warm I promise.


Lesson one: Intro to podcasting and dealing with any barriers before we set you up to be famous!

Lesson two: Your podcasting vision

Lesson three: Creating content, both for your podcast and the sound bite, and some tips on sound

Lesson four: Setting up your podcast

Lesson five: Getting your podcast out there


 * L1-  Journal Prompt: I know that I am here to share my message and I also know that…

* L1 – write out any concerns or old stories that have popped up for you and ask yourself these Byron Katie questions: is that really true? It is always 100% true all the time? It the opposite also true? How is this belief serving me in my life? Can I safely let this belief go right now and move forward?

* L1 – Now write out, what are the beliefs of a person who has a podcast that builds them fame – these should become your new affirmations, and you will want to say them out loud daily

* L2 – Capture on paper your podcast vision, what is the boiled down message? the colour? the shapes? the catch phrases?

* L2 – Create a pretty graphic for your podcast in canva. I suggest that you create both a facebook post sized version (for anchor) and an actual podcast version (for Lybson)

* L2 – Flesh out some of the details of your podcast: will it be wordy or short and snappy? Will it be just you or will you interview others? will it be how-to style or inspirational?

* L3 – Think about where you will do your recording, remember you need a quiet no echoing space

* L3 – Plan out what you will record with, will it be your phone or your computer?

* L3 – Go ahead and record your sound bite introduction using the structure as discussed in the lesson

* L3 – If you choose to create a content plan for you podcast use the brainstorming and chapter creation method then flesh each chapter out to 5-7 bites of vital information – wallah a years worth of content at your finger tips

* L4 – Set up your anchor podcast and Lybson

* L4 – Set up a account

* L5 – Make your first podcast in Anchor following the directions in lesson five audio file

* L5 – Share your podcast through at least  3 channels

* L5 – Set a target for your podcast audience growth – you cannot reach what you cannot see

* L 5 – CELEBRATE, seriously you just saved $10,000 on podcast coaching 🙂





Link to set up a drop box account

Link for Lybson podcasting platform

Link to set up an anchor podcasting platform account

link to sign up to