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Soul Method Marketing Course Fourteen



Instagram!  It is fast becoming a favourite as facebook does its death roll.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think facebook is going anywhere, but it is becoming very cluttered and heavy feeling.

I am seeing more and more of my clients getting traction on Instagram, but like most of us in the (ahem) decade(s) of our lives, it feels a little scary, it is not intuitive and it has a whole lot of damn stupid icons that mean nothing to us!

So in this training we go through

1. How to post to instagram

2. How instagram is different to facebook and other social media

3. How you need to brand your photos

4. What IGTV is 

5. What stories are and why you would use them instead of posting in your feed

6. How to create pretty stories

7. A cheats way to post on insta from your computer

8. Planning the overall feel of your insta feed

9. hashtags and how to use them

10. The two best ways to get more followers on instagram


Here we cover:

* Mailing lists – there is just one massive training here, so dive on in.



Training one: Foundations of instagram and how to increase your following

Training two: Instagram basics, what the icons mean and how to post a photo, video, boomerang and a story

Training three: Instagram part two, finishing off your training on how to create stories and a wrap up on how to use instagram

Training four: How to make a ‘reel’ on instagram 


1. If you don’t already have one, set up an instagram account and make sure it is a BUSINESS ACCOUNT

2. Add to your bio, be sure to tell people what you DO!  Ie I empower women to have better nutrition does not say what you do.  I help women to figure out what to eat so they can be healthy through one on one weekly coaching does explain what, how and why.  Bullet points are good, and emojis of course. 

3. Download Unfold app and have a play around in there, you can post straight to insta from there or download it to your phone.

4. Watch training one and then do the following:

* Research 50 different #hashtags you can use to reach new audiences

* Follow 10 new businesses a day to build your audience

* Plan out what you insta branding and feel will be

* Decide on your three core messages for insta

* Make a posting plan, what will you post on which days

* All things outside of the plan go into stories so they do not muck up your flow

* Write out a list of photos which you could post – I recommend batch taking a editing photos to save time

* Get used to editing photos, insta photos MUST be good quality, if you have not completed photo editing training with me then download the PicsArt app, that is the easiest and best to use app for photo editing for beginners.

4. Check out your competitors, who is following them? what are they posting that is resonating? I am not advocating stealing content but it will help you to plan your content (with of course always being true to who you are)

5. You can organize your stories into highlights, which is kind of like having ‘folders’ with themes

6. Make an instagram story and try out the fonts and stickers. Insta stories are only live for 24 hours, but you can put them into the highlight folders to give them a second life if you want to

7. Have a crack at using Boomerang. Boomerang has actually been around for ages, but it has had an upgrade in response to Tik Toks popularity. Until the updated version you had to download a plug in app to create the looped type videos you see on insta, now you can do it straight from the app. These are useful for product reveals, or just for catching attention.