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Soul Method Marketing Course Eight

Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads!

Well you don’t have to love facebook, but if your target audience is females aged between 25-60 this is the platform to advertise on.

Now facebook are constantly changing their algorythms, the look of their interface, and the way that ads work, so if these videos are no longer relevant, it will be the same but look slightly different.

When I made these videos the best targeting for ad spend was to choose where your ads were shown, but right now, letting facebook choose where to show the ads seems to be working best.

Facebook is a trail and error sort of game, you have to figure out what works you and your tribe. I know that is frustrating.

Dive on in and watch lesson explaining how paid ads fit into your marketing strategy and then watch the three videos on how to set up a facebook ad, and then finally the video on how to track your ad.

In order to set up an ad you will need a Business Page, you cannot advertise from a private page, and you will need Ads Manager and a credit card attached to your account.


Lesson one: All about facebook ads

Lesson two: Facebook ads how-to #1

Lesson three: Facebook ads how-to #2

Lesson four: Facebook ads how-to #3

Lesson five: Tracking your facebook ads

Bonus lesson: All about pixels and how they work


 * L1-  Think about what stage of the client funnel you will be advertising to. Are you clients cold or warm?

* L1 – Spend some time brainstorming and journaling on WHAT you want to advertise, make sure that what you are advertising meets these criteria: It is what your tribe would pay you for (even though you may be offering it for free); you know that people have said yes to what you are offering before and the feedback has been good; what you are offering is a solid and long term part of your client sales funnel.

* L1 – Now think about the emotions behind what you are offering… is it inspirational? happy? heart tuggy? shocking? – and then find a picture which reflects that same emotion for your ad. Be sure to use bold, striking, eye catching pics, and note that they do not have to be in your brand colour. You are really aiming for two things with a pic: a = stop the scroll; b = evoke an emotion.

* L2 – Now work on the copy for your ad. Do not type this straight into the ad, type it into a doc and spell check it first. *There is another course in Soul Method Marketing on creating compelling copy, but it is just too big to cover in this course. 

However a few pointers:

* call out your audience by addressing them directly

* get the point fast; not tell them about your tools, no one cares, give them the outcomes (not benefits)

* include a clear call to action

* create some urgency.

* L2 – L3 – L4 – Set up your ad, good luck 🙂 

* L4 – If you do not have a privacy page on your website, make one! And if you do not have a website create a privacy policy and put it on a landing page (you can make one of these in mailchimp)

*L 4 – You have my permission to copy and paste my privacy policy from my website 🙂

* L5 – Track your facebook ads daily

* L6 – Set up your pixel

* L6 – Use the chrome extension to track pixels on any website page

* L6 – Set up an event in the backend of your website so you can use this for conversion ads





A bonus resource for you: the becoming visable dust-up (this will help you to be brave about advertising)