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Soul Method Marketing Course Six

Blogging Like a Badass


Blogging like a badass.

Why? Because blogging like a blogger is too damn boring, and you, my darling, are here to change the world.

And in order to change the world, the world has to hear something new, growth comes from being challenged, growth comes from being brave, and growth is always a little edgy, a bit risque, a bit naughty even.

I know that you will have read lots and lots of lots of blogs, and I don’t want you to blog that way.

You see we are here to change the world baby, so we gotta do things a bit differently….

Dive onto blogging like a badass and I will see you on the other side!


Lesson one: What does blogging like a badass even look like

Lesson two: Getting ready to write a badass blog

Lesson three: The structure of a blog

Lesson three: Getting your message out there, how to spread your message into the world


 * L1-  Journal Prompt: When my message is out there in the world I know that its entire purpose is to…

* L1 – How will your blog be seen, where will you share it and how will you encourage people to read it?

* L1 – What is the underlying message of your blog?

* L1 – How will people learn to know, like and trust you even more from your blog?

* L1 – How will  you encourage people to buy from you with call to actions at the end of your blog, where will you lead them, what is the next step for someone who has really connected with your message?

* L2 – Practice the steps to writing a badass blog: connect to your vision; read your goals; say your affirmations; do your journaling which ends in “what do my tribe need to hear today”

* L2 – Write out a ranty blog from soul, DO NOT censor yourself and DO NOT think

* L2 – Think up a headline for your rant/blog/message and then play around with it in headliner

* L2 – Capture the main emotion from your blog and then find a picture to match it

* L3 – Have a look at some other blogs to decide your style of blogging

* L3 – Download a message/rant/blog and then practice going back and answering the 5Ws, Who, What, When, Where, Why, hoW.

* L3 – Think about how you will lead your reader beyond the heading, what story, analogy or description would entice a reader to dive deeper into your blog message?

* L3 – Think about how you will SHOCK your reader, how will you evoke a deep emotion, how will you ensure that your message will have IMPACT

* L4 – Sign up to other podcasting platforms to share your message

* L4 – Write out your own plan for sharing your daily or weekly blog message with your own tribe


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Word pulse blogging platform for women

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