Soul Method Marketing


It’s time to get out there and start making some real money honey.  The tools; the how; the structure + the stuff you really need that you didn’t even know existed.


WHAT: What is Soul Method Marketing?

It is marketing in a way that connects your soul messages (those are the ones that resonate with your clients) to your soul clients (the ones that you are really here to work with).

Soul = the part of you that KNOWS.

Method = the way to get you into the flow state where it all feels easy.

Marketing = the nuts and bolts of successful marketing


WHO: You, it is all about you, not your clients. Sounds strange I know. But when you come from a place of trying to sell or convince you are actually coming from a place of low intention and that shiz puts people off. 


HOW: We get to the real message that you are here to share, then unpack what you have been doing already, and then breathe some air into it before showing you the nuts and bolts of doing your own marketing the flow way, showing you how to sell, and wrap up with a solid Soul Method Marketing Plan.


WHY: Speaking your real truth not only feels good and attracts all the clients and dollars but it is also how you get into the flow – you know, that place where it all feels easy.


So What Next? 

Soul Method Marketing is an entire programme that takes you through every thing you need to know about marketing. It is a free standing programme with at least 6 different ‘courses’ nestled into it (and I add to these all the time).


Dive on in and listen to the Intro Video first, it will help you to get the best out of this training. And then, dive on into the first course, you will need to do these trainings in order, they are designed to build upon each other.

***If you are a part of the FemPowered Empire Building Programme you can ask for me to unlock one new course for you for FREE every month, so just pick and choose as you go.


Click Here to Watch the Intro Video

How We Roll

Hey, welcome daring. We do things a little differently here. I am:

* 100% me all of the time & call a spade a spade

* The queen of no waffle, I give you want you need and nothing you don’t

* A qualified adult educator

What the fluff does that mean for you? Simply put the training works, it is short, to the point with no waffle, and it works!  Don’t worry about trying to capture every detail, just let it seep in, you got this. Affirm “I automatically remember and apply all learnings with ease”

There is a button below for each course, click this to access each course and its lessons. 

In each course you will find the recorded lessons and then the actions for each lesson below that. L1 = actions for lesson one, L2 = actions for lesson two, and so on.  Listen to the recording first and then take the actions for that lesson before moving on to the next lesson. The lessons build on each other but you can jump around after the first five courses to dive into what interests you the most right now.



Course One

The Foundations of Soul Method Marketing Messages

Course Two

Soul Method Marketing Content


Course Three

Making Sales Delicous


Course Four

Closing The Sale

Course Five

Sales Funnels


Course Six

Blogging like a badass


Course Seven

Podcast Your Way to Fame

Course Eight

All About Facebook Ads


Course Nine

All About SEO


Course Ten

Cracking Websites

Course Eleven

Launch That Shit NOW


Course Twelve

Promotional Avenues


Course Thirteen

Nailing your mail lists

Course Fourteen


Course Fifteen

Making Great Videos

Other Bonuses


Now that you have uncovered your real down and dirty messages it might well be time for a little re-brand or brand tickle up. This video recording of a live workshop training tells you how to think about your brand and match it to YOU – you are your business and what you stand for is what your business message is. Find out how to pick keywords, and match those to colours and shapes, and then dive into colour phycology and branding before learning how to nail out great branded products using all of canvas hidden secret tools you have been missing out on. There are at least 5 nuggets in here worth hundreds of dollars in time saved each!

And of course more goodies for you. Grab an additional resource PDF here

And if you STILL want more, hit me up and I will give another bonus on setting up branded backgrounds and personal styling.

Now go forth and thrive in business, you know who you are and who you are here to serve and how to get your messages out there.  Now you can start attracting new clients the flow way and get on with living a hell yes life and changing the world!

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