Making Great Videos 

Video is litterally queen. If you are not online you are no where. I know you are feeling some fear darling, so we are going to do this step by step


Step in – To accept a few things before we start:

1. In order for people to buy from you they need to know, like and trust you

2. In order for people to know, like and trust you, they need to see you, the real you

3. The way to be seen is through video


Step up – Lets acknowledge that you DO have the skills you need to get ‘out there’ on video:

1. You can talk

2. You have something of value to say

3. You have a phone that records

4. You don”t need any new fancy equipment

5. You have at least 10 minutes every day where you can get on video, be it live on facebook, a quick recording on your walk, or recording a segment of your new webinar, course, or vlog.


Step through – The legs of our big girl panties. Lets acknowledge that you have some fear about being visible. There is no point pretending that you are happy about being seen, there are a million back stories for us chickies playing out “good girls don’t make a fuss” “Sit  down and be quiet”  and my personal favourite “no body likes a show off”.  You have a great system for collapsing old beliefs that no longer serve you in the building business resilience MODULE and now might be a good time to go back and do some more inner work.  Now that we have accepted that feeling of fear, lets step past it to bravery.

Step past  – Your fear to embrace change. Showing up and being visible allows you to help more people and you and I both know that you are willing to do what it takes to help people. So lets on with it shall we?


In this module we are going to look at recording basics, it is important for us to nail these foundations before we move into crafting your copy, and showing you how to edit and do all the fancy shiz.  Here is a taster of what we will cover:

How to look good on camera without the fuss

How to choose what to wear so your message is congruent

Where to look while you are filming (it is not where you think it is)

How to ensure y our voice sounds like a pro (the tips that public speakers use)

How to connect with your audience without being a prat

The pitch and tempo for speaking on film and a cheats way to support you while you practice your skills

How to look and sound professional at no cost to you

How to actually BE confident on camera instead of faking it till you make it

My biggest NLP confidence trick

The tech tools I use personally which are all FREE

How to figure out what to say on video without driving yourself insane

The low down on lighting and how to get yours looking pro for FREE

Where to stand in a filming frame so you don’t alienate your audience 

Understanding the logic and psychology behind filming angles

How to select backgrounds that support your message

The tips and tricks to ensuring your backgrounds look pro

The secret background you can get very very cheaply

What to wear when you are filming to stand out

Learn how to match your look to your message to help your audience trust you (and therefore purchase from you)


Bonus Workshop: Making Great Videos

Learn what to say in your videos, get the low down on what your clients really need to hear (the insider tips on marketing), learn how to edit, and get your brave on to make great videos.

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