Cracking Course Creation – Nailing the structure & content


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Create the structure and content of your course!

Ok, hold onto to your britches, you have some really cool stuff to do and a system to take all of the struggle and hard work out of it.

The system I am giving you here will save you COUNTLESS hours I promise. 



Why you need to do it:

 So much time can be wasted if you jump off the deep end of course creation without doing the deep thinking before you get started.

Save yourself the struggle and dive into the first part of you course creation.

It is not hard, it is easy with the struIs decide what style of online content you are going to create, name your course (or programme, or training), price your courses



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. 

2. Download your lesson resource, the template for course creation. PLEASE SAVE Y OUR OWN VERSION, THIS ONE IS A SHARED DOCUMENT

3. Decide WHAT you are going to create and which level you are going to pitch your course at. Note: if you are making a training video for your clients instead of a course, you will still follow this same structure.

4. Price  your course

5. Decide on your content style

6. Decide what your course will cover

7. Set the modules

8. Carve up the modules into lessons

9. Create the lesson content







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