Cracking Course Creation – making your course great


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to think about how to make your course great. 

Here we dive into:

* The best course platform to use

* What to do if you DON’T want to purchase a course platform just yet but you want to get started with making and selling courses

* Marketing messages

* Tips for keeping your learners engaged

* A few techy reminders to ensure your course making runs smoothly



Why you need to do it:

Purchasing a course platform can be costly (I should know) and I don’t want you to waste thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

There is little point in creating an amazing course that nobody buys.  We dive into how to evoke emotion, what to say, and how to shape your copy for ads to your audiences specifically.

You don’t just want your clients to buy the course, you want them to complete and RAVE about the course. You are here to change lives right? So here we look at how to keep your learners motivated.



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. 

2. Download your lesson resource, the template for course creation (if you haven’t done this already). PLEASE SAVE Y OUR OWN VERSION, THIS ONE IS A SHARED DOCUMENT

3. Craft your ad copy (or an outline of) for your course.  Then select a picture which reflects the emotion you are evoking in that ad copy.

4. Think about what support you will offer your learners at each point of the course: on-boarding, through out, and afterward, and then create facebook groups or emails to do that.

5. Create your module intro and outro videos.

6. Create your recording schedule and get recording.

Go out and celebrate. You did it. You learnt how to create a course. You have everything you need to succeed right now.  Your future is yours for the taking.








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