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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to suspend all social perceptions for a moment and be open to exploring new ways of being in the world.

This lesson is going to bring up some strong beliefs for you.  As women we are praised for ‘being nice’ we are told to ‘get along with everyone’ and our society as a whole encourages inclusion (*don’t worry I am not saying inclusion is wrong) at all costs, even if if the cost is personally very high to us. 

You remember being made to play with that kid who was HORRIBLE to you right, you tried to stick up for yourself in the beginning but their manipulation skills far outweighed your understanding of the world and your innocence.  Then you tried to get help from trusted adults and they told you to ‘stop telling tales’ ‘no one likes a tell tale’ ‘can’t you play nicely, just for me, we won’t be long’ ‘well, you will have to find a way to get along’.  In short, we were told to shut up and put up.

We learnt to just accept things the way they were. We learnt to believe that we had to accept the energy of what ever situation we were in and to give up our power and our choices. 







Why you need to do it:

It is time to change the way we operate in the world and decide purposefully and powerfully who we choose to interact with in the world.

When we do not choose who we are around consciously we are open to any and every influence, good and bad.

When we engage with people who vibe at our level, they have similar beliefs, they are positive like us and they are here to have influence in the world. We we interact with them (whether in person or online) we come away feeling elated, ready for action, positive, light, inspired, full of joy, expansive and ready to help others. In short we are vibing even higher.

When we engage with those not yet at our vibrational level we come away feeling fear, feeling small, feeling stuck, tired, uninspired and in need of a nap.  There is nothing wrong with these people, they are just not our people, and being in their space makes us play it small. And us being in their space does little for them either, they may feel like they have a little more energy but they will be triggered as hell and putting out that fear vibe even stronger into the universe. 

Playing small is simply is not an option for us anymore, we need to stay up at the ‘kickass vibe’ level if we are going to have the staying power to change the world.

 We need challenge what we have come to believe and make ACTIVE CHOICES about who we choose to be around, because the energy of the people we spend time around DIRECTLY affect our outcomes. 




What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above.

2. Open up the lesson resource and undertake the activities there.

3. BONUS * If you feel ready for a bit of extension then undertake the bonus activity which is creating a group of personal mentors for advise when you feel the need.

4. Be gentle with yourself, this one is a biggy. Taking actions to improve the energy in your life is VITAL to your business success, but it is hard to do. Just acknowledge that this is a thing that you are going through right now, accept that it feels challenging, and be open to still being able to love people in your life without absorbing their energy.

5. TAKE ACTION, learning these new skills will achieve nothing without taking action. For something to change, something must first change. Feel the fear and do it anyway darling.  I promise it will work out ok.


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