The Foundations of a Thriving Business in 2020 & Beyond – Communicating Your Message Authentically


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to dive bravely off the deep end. Not kidding! In order for you to uncover and then communicate your messages to your tribe and show up to change the world you are going to need to:

* Challenge your back stories

* Be brave enough to not be liked

* Peel back layer upon layer of protection and strategies which keep you safe until you get to the ‘guts of you’ the real you, the one that will thrive authentically.

I want you to know, that she is in there – the real you, you WILL find her and once you liberate her you will actually feel at peace finally, and so much safer.

I know that sounds surprising, but once you come to fully accept you, and all your shadow parts, the parts that others told you were ugly or too bold, or too silly or whimsical, or idealistic… you will trust yourself.  And when you trust yourself you no longer need anyone else’s approval to feel safe.

And that darling, is the most freeing thing you WILL EVER EXPERIENCE.

You will be your own safety net, you will be brave enough to speak your truth, and you will make a massive impact on the world and the people in it.




Why you need to do it:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting difference results.  You have been around the sun a few times now right? and you know that things need to change! You can just feel that it is time to get out there and make an impact, but the strategies you have used in the past to get you successfully to this point are not going to carry you through to the next stage.

You have done great up to this point, so acknowledge that before moving forward. The strategies that you used to successfully navigate life, stay safe, survive, and build the business and successes that you already have are AWESOME, and now they need tweaking so you can up-level. 

Just as you would not fit into a dress that you wore when you were two, the cloak of being that you have currently, needs to be altered so you fit into your new reality. 


    The way that we are going upgrade your cloak of being is to dig through some of your back stories, acknowledge that they served a purpose for that point in your life, and then choose new beliefs to take us forward. Then we are going to search out your real messages, your real purpose and clarify them so you can communicate them authentically. 

What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. It is a little bit longer but necessary to watch.

2. There are five parts to the lesson activity for this lesson (remember I said it was like a whole module in one lesson? I wasn’t joking), and some of the parts have several sub parts. All the steps are important, and true breakthrough will be attained if you commit to completing all the parts even if they feel frustrating. *Yes, I have undertaken all of this work myself and are still doing this work today. Busting beliefs never actually stops when you are committed to up-leveling. 

3. The best way to work through this lesson is to undertake one activity per day. You may like to get up half an hour earlier each day and complete one activity.

* I strongly recommend that you connect with me and the rest of your tribe DAILY in our facebook group during this lesson. Things can get bumpy and the way through this swampy patch of growth, is utilizing the support available to you. I mean it when I say that I am here for you, they are not empty words.

4. I think you have earned a massive reward don’t you?  What are you doing to do? 

* Plan a holiday?

* Go out for a nice dinner?

* Book a massage?

* Stay in bed all day with your journal?



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