3 Things You Will Be Queen Of 


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Hold on to your britches because this is where it starts to get exciting! Your mission here is to figure out the 3 things you will be king or queen of in your business.  What we are talking about here is what things you will be best known for… when you think of your business in all its successful glory in 10 years time, what will people say you are best known for?

Some examples to get you thinking are:

Oprah: there are plenty of successful talk shows, but Oprah is king at getting to the real emotion, the real reason behind what someone is saying. And she does this by being genuinely curious and compassionate – you can’t fake that stuff, and she is certainly queen of this.

Hyundai: They are king at quality. They do this by taking responsibility for the finest details, did you know they make their own steel to ensure the best quality?



Why you need to do it:


Successful and long lasting businesses have all nailed this.

Not deciding (and then delivering on) what you will be queen of won’t stop your business from making money, but you won’t reach the great heights of success that those businesses that you aspire to have reached.  Note: If you don’t aspire to change lives and be the absolute best you can be, then there are far easier ways to make money that starting a business. 

The 3 things you will be queen of will:

* Hone your focus

* Drive all your business decisions

* Help you to create your vision and set your goals

* Be your point of difference





What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above 

2. Complete the activity

3. Share your 3 things with us on facebook, sharing it will make it real, it will kick-start your dreams. From here on out we start to get real serious about success.

4.  Find 3 people who are delivering on the 3 things you want to be king/queen of.  You might have to find different people for each thing, and try and find a range of people across different industries.  Then, start to observe what traits and characteristics that they have which allows them to successfully deliver these things and start to emulate them.

Note: don’t copy them, be you, but start to think about the traits and characteristics that you can start to develop. * You might need some help with this step so make sure you tune in for our group coaching session.

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