•                            Finding Where Your Ideal Client Is At

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to find out where your ideal client hangs out.

Now I am guessing that your brain took you straight to social media right?

Well, I’d like you to think beyond that shape shifting square and dig deeper if you can…


Why you need to do it:

We need to know where you ideal client hangs out so that we can reach them…simple. But we will also learn more about them if we know where they hang out. By first finding out where they are, we can begin to walk a mile in their shoes and see what they are seeing. 

Remember everything we experience, see, hear, and feel, shapes who we are and determines how we operate in the world.  If you take some time to get to know your client deeply you will be better able to serve them.



What you actually need to do:

 1. Watch the main video above. This is a little longer than usual and explains where you might find your target market.

2. After you have watched the main video answer the questions that were asked during the video (you might like to play back the video and pause between the questions as you answer them).

3. Find a few people who fit the profile of your ideal client and ask them some questions. I recommend that you share your elevator pitch with them and ask them when and where would be an ideal time to hear messages about a product/service similar to yours. You could even ask them where they have seen other messages like that, because it fills a need of theirs, they will know where they have seen similar things being offered.

4. Watch the video uploaded under the resource section for a brief explaination between instragram, facebook and linkedin.

5. Explore the internet for information about the different social media platforms to help you decide which platforms you will use later on when we start marketing your message.

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