Deep Dive into How You Will Solve Your Clients Unique Needs


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Is to figure out the steps that will take your clients from “arghhh” to “wow I feel great”.

I term these two points for your clients as “pain island” and “fantasy island”.

We then move onto figure out what steps would be involved in getting them from pain island to fantasy island and even try to figure out how to take you out of equation! This will be helpful for you later on when we talk about business models and scaling.




Why you need to do it:

We clarified your unique solution in the last lesson, and here we move on to tying all the work you have done on clarifying your business, your clients and your solution during this module into a framework that sets you up for future success. 

On each of the client Islands you will think about what your clients pain/pleasure points are, but take this a step further by thinking of how this REALLY manifests in their lives. Taking a real deep dive here will ensure that you come up with the best solutions. What you come up with will surprise you, even you have been working with your clients for 25 years because this method offers a whole new way of seeing things.



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above.

2. Open up the lesson resource and follow the prompts. 

3. Complete the module checklist

4. Take a breather and reward yourself. You have come a long way in just these two modules. What can you do to celebrate?

* The next module is all about vision and goal setting, and now that you REALLY understand your business, your clients, and your solutions, this will be a breeze.



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