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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

In this lesson you will be challenged to find your ‘why’.  Your BIG WHY is what will drive you everyday, it is your reason for getting up and it is what defines the difference between you and other businesses that will not survive the long haul… 


Why you need to do it:

Your Big Why helps you to market your offerings, it helps you to decide what you will and wont add later on, and it keeps you going on the dark days. 

I have my big why written up on my mirror and I connect to it EVERY day.

Hint, if you are not prepared for your family and friends to see your big why, then you might have some mindset blocks to deal with first, better to dig into these now  in case they trip you up later on.


What you actually need to do:

For this lesson you will need to:

1. Watch the short explainer video above

2. Download the Big Why activity in the Lesson Downloads section 

4. Keep your big why in a place where you can connect with it regularly

5. Share your big why with as many people as possible, this will help you to clarify it further and build your confidence


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