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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

In this lesson you will be challenged, you will be triggered, and you will get a taste of mindset work. 

I promise it will be worth the intense emotions experienced. This step is what will have you standing out from the crowd.

Every successful entrepreneur that I see out there has nailed this ‘so what’ and I know that you can too.


Why you need to do it:

When push comes to shove, there might be hundreds of other people doing what you are doing it, you need to be able to answer the SO WHAT question in order to stand out and succeed.

You WILL have people challenge you, and it will hurt.  This activity helps you to clarify what you are doing and the reasons behind it.



What you actually need to do:

For this lesson you will need to:

1. Watch the short explainer video above

2. Download the activity in the Lesson Downloads section 

4. Complete the end of Module One Checklist to see how far you have come.

4. Celebrate, you did it. You have officially completed a vital section that most average business owners miss out, YOU now have an advantage!



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