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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Now it is time to yell it from the roof tops…. your business offering that is!

This is where you get to shout and sing and dance and tell the world just how passionate you are about what you are doing.

In this lesson we will craft your “Elevator Pitch”, that short statement that can be communicated within the time it takes to travel a few floors in an elevator.



Why you need to do it:

You need a short statement which clearly communicates what:

* You offer

* What the outcomes are

* How you do it

* Why you do

* Why people should choose what you have to offer…

for a number of reasons including: Telling people what you do; helping you to clarify what it is that you do and don’t do and how you do; so that you have something to base all your marketing messages on later.



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above 

2. Open up your activity in the Lesson Downloads section

3. Keep breathing, this can be a frustrating process because communicating clearly can be a challenge – but it is well worth it and will save you a lot of wasted resources later on, so bear with…

4. When you have completed this activity I would encourage you to jump on the Facebook Group if you have access to that and record yourself ‘live’ saying it. We can then give you feedback and you will gain further clarity and confidence with both your message and your business offering.

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