Building Business Resilience – (Insert Lesson Name)


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

is to discover your SUPER POWERS.

This will not only give you a much needed confidence boost but will boost your business productivity and sustainability by:

* Leveraging the things you rock at

* Outsourcing the things you don’t rock at


Why you need to do it:

The reality is this – if you are going to scale and serve more people you are going to need to let go of a few things.

The purpose of this lesson is to figure out your super powers so you can:

* Keep doing the things that are vital to your business success

* Ditch the things that are ‘nice to have’ but don’t really add anything to your business (you will stumble across this when you do the brainstorming activity around all the tasks in your business)

* Find out which things you could potentially outsource so that you can free up time to work ON the business instead of IN it.


What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. It is a little bit longer than usual because it has some of your lesson activities in it. I apologize for the buzz in the video and my naughty dog barking in the back ground 😉

2. Consider what you do so much more easily than everyone else. It could be anything from creating balanced graphics to writing, to speaking to people, to cleaning.  If you get stuck, think about what people ask you do for them all the time, or things that you think “really? you can’t manage that?” – those are your super powers.

* Now ask yourself “How am I using my super powers in my business?” or “How could I use my super powers better in my business?”.

3. Write out your strengths and weaknesses and then ask two other people for their honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses (gasp).

* Then ask yourself the following: How are your strengths also your weaknesses at times? How can you mitigate against your weaknesses?

4. Go through the questions in the video and work out your preferences and then ask yourself the series of questions in your journal. It is best to use your journal as you will get deeper answers that way.

5. Next, the biggy, let’s figure out what is sustainable for you to do yourself and what you could outsource.  There is a resource for this above.

6. The final step for this lesson, is to use the second resource to uncover your HIDDEN super powers.

WHEW right? That was a big lesson, but I have one more thing for you, not compulsory, but if you want to dive even deeper into what your super powers are, this test on GeniusU is amazing, and I mean amazing




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