Building Business Resilience – Marvelous Manifestos


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

is to write your business manifesto…

OMG are you crazy, you want me to write a business manifesto?#!@  Michelle?  Yes I do darling.  But don’t worry you have done all the hard work already.

I bet you are conduring up images of bland and poor taste corporate Mission Statements aren’t you? “We will stand by our customers” stated in standard corporate bullshit and never upheld, ever.

Well you can stop gagging because these are fun, I promise. A business manifesto is waaaaayyy more than a mission statement, it is about taking your business vision, your values and your big why and putting that into a format that your customers will be drawn to.

This Manifesto is going to be pretty, and it is going to:

* Guide you

* Show your customers who you are really are – remember you tribe is atracted to your vibe




Why you need to do it:

I weighed up whether to save this for your marketing module or not, but the truth is you need this manifesto in order to build your business resilience because it will guide every thing you do. You already got the FemPowered Decision Making Method in the last lesson and this can be used to glance at (because this is going up on your wall) to guide those decisions you are going to be making.  

But the manifesto is also more than that too, it will guide what you do every day, what you post on social media, the clients you choose to sign up, and the new directions you decide to take your business in. 

It will also guide you in those intense moments when the wheels threaten to fall off the bus. In short, this little manifesto is not only going to be fun, but it is also going to:

* Keep you on track

* Help your customers connect to who you are really are, the authentic you

* Provide you with business resilience



What you actually need to do:

1. Watch the video above. 

2. Use the lesson resource to guide you on the wording for your Marvelous Manifesto

3. Make your manifesto pretty using the canva template

4. Put your manifesto up on your wall

5. Put your manifesto (or a version of it) on your website or your facebook page




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